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March 2015
Alfa Matrix officially launches new CD e-shop with killer prices worldwide

February 2015
Acylum drop 'Zigeunerjunge' EP

January 2015
Suicidal Romance launches best of 'Rêves & Souvenirs' including bonus tracks

December 2014
Essence Of Mind launch 'Wrong' video
Schwarzblut launch remix contest - submit now!
Cosmic Armchair launch special sand art video for new single 'I don't belong here'

November 2014
Massive The Cure contest on Alfa Matrix ! Participate and win lots of prizes !
Alfa Matrix accepts submissions for newest Endzeit Bunkertracks 4CD box compilation - act now!
4 new download singles from STAR INDUSTRY, XMH, COSMIC ARMCHAIR and NÖVÖ

October 2014
Psy'Aviah interviewed on new album 'The Xenogamous Endeavour'

September 2014
Follow our artists on Spotify - in one click !
Cult electro act The Psychic Force remix Aesthetische for new 'Colder Lights' 4-track single - order now via Bandcamp
Interview with Sebastian Komor
Win Exclusive Psy'Aviah T-Shirts, CD's, Mugs, etc...
Here's a preview for the new PSY'AVIAH album, available now in pre-order

August 2014
Alfa Matrix announces massive CD sales action

June 2014
New massive free Bandcamp compilation 'Matrix Downloaded 003' + 50% discount code 'amsummermadness' for Bandcamp
Siva Six release new live video + work on new album
And 3 more brand new EPs ready for pre-order !

May 2014
3 brand new EPs ready for pre-order !

April 2014
New reduction code for Bandcamp + free CD compilation 'Sounds from the matrix 015' in stock
Brand new releases out now !

March 2014
Brand new teaser for Mondträume pops online !

February 2014
Ayria joins Project Pitchfork on upcoming German tour plus announces further UK dates
Schwarzblut release 'Bis aufs Blut' EP and video
The premier of "The Book Of Violence" video
Schwarzblut set to release Bis aufs Blut EP
'Matrix Revelations 5' out now + free PNE jingle !

January 2014
Psy'Aviah Interviewed by Entertwine Magazine for "Our Common Future" release.
Bruderschaft reaches nr1 position in the DAC

December 2013
Alfa Matrix launches 2nd volume massive FREE download compilation 'Matrix Downloaded' + offers 50% discount code on label catalogue on Bandcamp for a limited time only
4 new signings and 5 new download EP's on Alfa Matrix

November 2013
Kant Kino present new video for 'Ich Liebe Katarina Witt' + launch new single
Essence Of Mind remix Linkin Park - vote for them!
Brand new Junksista video for 'Life Is Unfair (And Love Is A Bitch)' out now

October 2013
4 new releases out by Friday November 1st !
Alfa Matrix announces extra 3rd disc for label debut Junksista
FREAKANGEL: The premier of the "The Ones To Fall" video
3 extra EP's available via Bandcamp and iTunes
6 new albums available via Bandcamp

September 2013
2 new Alfa Matrix releases available on Bandcamp + iTunes !
Lovelorn Dolls return with brand new video 'No Life' and tackle the Facebook-only life of some people
Freakangel starts IndieGoGo campaign - order the new 'The Ones To Fall' album !

July 2013
Remix contest Virgins O.R Pigeons - enter now !
JUNKSISTA returns with summer single 'Naked Wet Hot'
VIRGINS O.R PIGEONS return with 'Bleed To Lead' 4-track single !

June 2013
Psy'Aviah reveals stunning animated music video for "Letting Go"
Essence Of Mind sees new single 'Escape' + complete back catalogue made available on Bandcamp
Psy'Aviah takes you behind the song “Our Common Future ft. Kyoko Baertsoen”
Technoir single 'We came for love' launches today

May 2013
5 new singles have hit Spotify
3 new EP's out by Psy'Aviah, Halo In Reverse and Lovelorn Dolls
Psy'Aviah reveals first details new "Future Past" EP!
Schwarzblut studio report #2 video
New Bruderschaft track 'Falling' out now !
FREAKANGEL: "The Book Of Violence" teaser
New 4-track 'Seconds' single for Glis out now
I:Scintilla return with 8-track EP 'Marlow 2'

April 2013
POUPPEE FABRIKK and IMPLANT pre-orders are now ready !
New pre-orders from AYRIA & HELALYN FLOWERS !

March 2013
Brand new singles from POUPPEE FABRIKK & KANT KINO !
35 minute trailer new 'Absolute Grrrls Manifesto [chapter 1]' 4CD box set !
FREAKANGEL: Official statement
Cynical Existence launches official video for 'I'm broken'
Schwarzblut studio report #1 video

February 2013
Alfa Matrix has launched pre-sales for massive 4CD box set with 111 tracks by female fronted acts: 'Absolute Grrrls Manifesto [chapter 1]'
Schwarzblut anniversary photo book
Krystal System new album "Rage". Soon in store...
Convergence 19 festival with Mentallo & the Fixer + Contaminated Intelligence
Alfa Matrix lands on Yandex in Russia !
Vote for best I:scintilla 'Skin tight' remix and support a charity
Ayria back with 'Plastic and Broken' EP feat. remixes by Project Pitchfork, Daniel B. Prothese (Front 242), Junksista, Komor Kommando and Dimension Flux - out now !
Ayria to support Project Pitchfork on USA tour
V/A - '4​.​4U [2013​.02]' 4-track EP out now on Bandcamp
Special DISKONNEKTED single 'Justify (Diskonnekted VIP mix)' for download on Bandcamp

January 2013
Alfa Matrix announces 4th issue Matrix Revelations including interviews with Alan Wilder (Recoil), Daniel B. Prothèse (Front 242),...
Psy'Aviah gives free mp3 to celebrate concert at Ancienne Belgique with Praga Khan!
I:Scintilla 'Skin Tight' remix contest - send your remix!
Cynical Existence debutes on Alfa Matrix with 'Come out and play' album
Kant Kino launch new album 'Father worked in industry' - mastered and mixed by Leaether Strip's Claus Larsen
Dunkelwerk launches 'Operation: Duesterland' on CD and 3CD deluxe boxset
Freakangel: Exclusive show in Switzerland
Krystal System new album coming soon.

December 2012
Metroland launch free download (or pay what you want) '2013'
Helalyn Flowers joins 'The Greenlight Bundle' game/music charity campaign
Psy'Aviah supports Praga Khan at Ancienne Belgique (Brussels)
New I:SCINTILLA download EP 'Skin Tight' - order now !
Metroland launches special remix download for the 1 million METRO newspaper readers
Alien Vampires, amGod, Glis and Cynical Existence united on '4.4U [2012.12]' download EP
Metroland launch video for London underground tube mapping engineer 'Harry Beck'
Junksista launch 'Cunt Rocker' video

November 2012
FREAKANGEL: The premier of the "Used" video
Freakangel - "Used" Music Video Teaser
Psy'Aviah Live at Audio Visual Art Festival "Pluto", Nijdrop
MALAKWA's new band pictures

October 2012
Mari Chrome returns with 'Toxic EP'
Art exhibition by Schwarzbut members
Endzeit Bunkertracks Music Video for Psy'Aviah track "Human Garbage"
New download EP for I:SCINTILLA available now !
Get featured in Junksista's 'Cunt Rocker' video - submit your smartphone videos now !
Cynical Existence releases 'Ruined Portrait' digital EP
Alfa Matrix launches discovery download EP via Bandcamp
Junksista joins Alfa Matrix label

September 2012
Neikka RPM - New TV and Film Placements
METROLAND's 2nd single 'Enjoying the View' + video out now
LOVELORN DOLLS sign to Alfa Matrix
WITCHES: Malakwa new video coming soon
AMBASSADOR21 and SUICIDE INSIDE will perform at Gogbot Festival

August 2012
Recoil to embark on 'A Strange Hour In Budapest' screening events tour
PYRAMID EYE New video clip out 11/09/2012
Must see ! PSY'AVIAH present beautifully animated video for HMMA-nominated 'On My Own'
AMBASSADOR21 sign to Alfa Matrix

July 2012
SHAUN F launches 2-track single 'Drty Fckn Dsko'
METROLAND 3-track single 'The passenger' available now for download !
Female voices compilation - submissions wanted - deadline October 15th 2012
Sign up for the Alfa Matrix newsletter - stay informed
Brand new Essence Of Mind video for 'Indifference'
Glis returns with 2-track single 'Apocalypse parties'
AMBASSADOR21 feat. ANONYMOUS vs. SPICY BOX "Hack All Systems" video

June 2012
AMBASSADOR21 wants you!
New AMBASSADOR21 single "Hack All Systems" for free downloads!
PSY'AVIAH Special and Interview on BeatLoungeRadio
AYRIA launches brand new 'Hunger' single !
NEWS ALERT: Limited edition RECOIL Blu-ray 'A strange hour in Budapest' has sold out ! New 'Red edition' now available
Orders now accepted for the Recoil limited edition Blu-ray 'A strange hour in Budapest'

May 2012
Psy'Aviah go "Urban Sharing" and gather opinions by Jade4u, Bert Gabriels and others...
New T-shirts from Freakangel
FREAKANGEL is back on the road...
Alfa Matrix to release Recoil Blu-ray 'A Strange Hour In Budapest' in EU/USA
FREAKANGEL: The premier of the "Porcelain Doll" video

April 2012
New Schwarzblut album out now
Alfa Matrix launch bonus tracks versions of new albums on iTunes
Psy'Aviah FNAC Mini-Concert Tour Video Footage
Teaser for the upcoming RECOIL Blu-ray release of 'A Strange Hour in Budapest'
Diskonnekted announces new album
2 digital only EPs from ESSENCE OF MIND and KOMOR KOMMANDO

March 2012
Psy'Aviah Contest: Visualise One Of Their Songs
Alfa Matrix launch 3rd issue of MATRIX REVELATIONS !!
Fresh reviews for Krystal System second album "Nuclear"
Psy'Aviah FNAC Mini-Tour and behind The Scenes of Music Video
Freakangel "Let It All End" teaser
Siva Six release video for 'Valley Of The Shadows'
Videoteaser upcoming Essence Of Mind EP 'In the night'
Schwarzblut set album release date

February 2012
Alfa Matrix signs Mari Chrome (feat Invisible Limits singer) in a production by John fryer
Schwarzblut 'song-of-the-week' album previews

January 2012
MASSIVE sales at Alfa Matrix - limited time only !
Front 242 take a break, cancel concerts
Schwarzblut studio report video
Suicide Inside release 'Snake H' video
Diskonnekted reveals new cover

December 2011
Freakangel - Gods Blind Game OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO
AMBASSADOR21 side-project SUICIDE INSIDE signs to Alfa Matrix
AGHAST VIEW side-project AESTHETISCHE signs to Alfa Matrix
FREAKANGEL announces album title
Alfa Matrix announces iTunes exclusives and more (AIBOFORCEN, PSY'AVIAH, ACYLUM, 32CRASH, DIFFUZION, NEIKKA RPM, ...)

November 2011
Psy'Aviah releases Song Of Indpendence Music Video
Aiboforcen release download only EP 'L'errance'
Suicide Inside (Ambassador21-project) sign to Alfa Matrix

October 2011
Matrix Revelations - Issue 2 has arrived !
Pouppée Fabrikk (SE) replaces Suicide Commando at Elektrostat 2011

September 2011
Alfa Matrix site crashes as 1and1 web servers go down worldwide
Free download track from ACYLUM - get it now !
Another Diskonnekted preview
Great reviews of Krystal System new album"Nuclear"
PSY'AVIAH searching actors & extras for new videoclip!

August 2011
Psy'Aviah working on last bits of new album
Freakangel / Latest News / August

July 2011
Alfa Matrix launches magazine 'Matrix Revelations' - First issue available now
Aiboforcen returns with first teaser upcoming 'Dédale' album
KRYSTAL SYSTEM's new album "Nuclear"is N°3 in the Charts
Freakangel / Castle Party Festival 2011
Schwarzblut announce new album and previews

June 2011
Diskonnekted preview
FREAKANGEL is back on the road in July
Alien Vampires on tour in the USA, Mexico and Australia
Look what popped up in our mailbox!
Watch the official music video for 'Swimmers Can Drown' by I:Scintilla
Komor Kommando gigs in Europe in July !
Behind The Scenes Clips From Psy'Aviah

May 2011
Nuclear Winter, new Krystal System video clip
Alfa Matrix launches trailer forthcoming DEPECHE MODE Tribute
5 new releases have hit iTunes

April 2011
New video and award nomination for Schwarzblut
Trailer of Krystal System upcoming album "Nuclear"
Video interview with Claus Larsen
Neikka RPM TV music hits Australia and New Zealand
Work In Progress Footage From the Psy'Aviah HQ

March 2011
Winner PSY'AVIAH [Y]Our Music Contest Announced
Brand new Alfa Matrix releases on iTunes, Amazon MP3, etc.
Two Exclusive Leaether Strip USA concerts in March
Ayria announces (East Coast) tour
Tits, guns and gasoline on Malakwa video 'Make up your rules'

February 2011
Trailer of Nuclear, Krystal System second album
amGod continues the work after the last album release...
Acylum remix contest, get your remix out on Alfa Matrix

January 2011
Malakwa prepare new video - warning: not work safe !
Free download from Halo In Reverse !
Krystal System in the Purple Nights
Brand new releases in stock !
Schwarzblut official band homepage
PSY'AVIAH presents [Y]Our Music Contest
FREAKANGEL - Latest News 2011

December 2010
New 'Dark Passages' video by Leaether Strip goes live
Malakwa signs to Alfa Matrix - free download available
5 free tracks for download - get them now at Alfa Matrix
Free 16-track compilation 'Sounds From The Matrix 011' with every pre-order ! Act fast !
Alien Vampires get own custom guitar made by Vampire Guitars + US/MX tour

November 2010
Alfa Matrix announces plenty of new iTunes releases
OUT NOW (on iTunes as well) LEAETHER STRIP - 'Dark passages + Seasons Change - I Don't' 2CD
FREAKANGEL Russian/Baltic tour 2010
Neikka RPM - Hits TV Land in the U.S. and Australia

October 2010
Leaether Strip on UK soil for an 3 exclusive concert series + exclusive tour only vinyl release
So what does the press say on the recent Alfa Matrix releases?
SIVA SIX joins Alfa Matrix
Pouppée Fabrikk play reunion show at Bodyfest 2010 in Stockholm
Right said Fred

September 2010
Kant Kino 'gravedigger' singer featured in visual story about ordinary people with unusual jobs
Unter Null to support Front Line Assembly on US-tour
Freakangel THE FAULTS OF HUMANITY reviews
'Liberation' EP Razorfade makes it way on iTunes
FREAKANGEL - My Darling Bullet OFFICIAL VIDEO first screenshots

August 2010
Leaether Strip announces first UK shows ever and more
amGod - "Dreamcatcher" (Official Video-Trailer)
Diskonnekted @ Paulusfeesten (B)

July 2010
Leaether Strip's 'Mental Slavery' at spot 2 in DAC album charts !
Front242 - end of the year concerts
Alfa Matrix artists are available on fairsharemusic - the new ethical music download site
Schwarzblut announce more live dates
Dmitry i. (Freakangel, Suicidal Romance) interviewed by Dark Essence Radio

June 2010
Brand new Alfa Matrix releases on iTunes / eMusic / ...
Alfa Matrix announces new 4CD box compilation project - submissions accepted now
amGod interview with "Culture Asylum Magazine"
Psy'Aviah interviewed by Dark Essence Radio
Leaether Strip video for 'Love Me or Die' goes silver at Indie Gathering Festival
Behind the scene : Krystal System recording its next album 'Nuclear'
Leaether Strip release 'Mental slavery' delayed

May 2010
Leaether Strip live at opening night BBM Party 'The Bears Aren't Sleeping Tonight' - Paris (FR) + FREE Leaether Strip EPCD !
Dominique of Neikka RPM chats COVER UP!

April 2010
Diskonnekted studio report
6 more tracks added to the Alfa Matrix audioplayer - check them out now !
Skinny Puppy and Leaether Strip on one stage
New Front 242 DVD in stock + updated concert calendar for 2010

March 2010
UPDATED dates: Ayria finishes tour with VNV Nation and heads off again with Project Pitchfork + plays Infest UK
Kystal System finalist in International Songwriting Competition with jury including Robert Smith (The Cure) and Francis Black (Pixies)
Free Alfa Matrix samplers at Distorted Memory club night in Canada (16/04)
Ayria and Front 242 singers featured on new 'Eclectric' album Psy'Aviah - out now
Official trailer for Front 242 DVD 'Moments in Budapest'
Exclusive Japanese editions for UNTER NULL, ACYLUM and KOMOR KOMMANDO (including exclusive bonus discs) !
Leaether Strip releases massive 19-track EP on iTunes for just 3,99 EURO
New Front 242 DVD, 'Moments in Budapest' in pre-order + get an invitation for the videotrailer

February 2010
I:Scintilla complete video for 'Ammunition'
In stock now: new releases from UNTER NULL, LEAETHER STRIP and the famous 5th edition of ENDZEIT BUNKERTRACKS
Diskonnekted vs Celldweller
Tamtrum announce mega Russian tour !
Excellent reviews for new Psy'Aviah album "Eclectric"
Add the Endzeit Bunkertrack button on your webpage !
New confirmed concert dates for Leaether Strip

January 2010
Damn Dominique, that’s an impressive amount of remix work
In stock now - Belgian Edition NITZER EBB album 'Industrial complex'
Fresh Front 242 concert dates
Fresh reviews for Krystal System's 'VooDoo Night Sessions' on Side-line and Bruitarium
Available now in pre-order: new releses from SCWHARZBLUT - LEAETHER STRIP and PSY'AVIAH
Bonus tracks for Nitzer Ebb album 'Industrial Complex' revealed !

December 2009
Schwarzblut finished upcoming record 'Das Mausoleum' and reveals cover artwork
Fire destroys studio Virgins O.R Pigeons
Nitzer Ebb album 'Industrial Complex' out on Alfa Matrix with lots of bonus tracks + free CD
New video and remixes for Leaether Strip - BIM fest
PSY'AVIAH plays new songs live
Leaether Strip offers FREE EP for download: 'It's who i am'
Essence Of Mind - 'Try and fail' out now!

November 2009
Out today: 2nd album Helalyn Flowers - "Stitches Of Eden" (CD/2CD)
Diskonnekted featured on soundtrack Defcon 2012
3 Alfa Matrix artists hit the DAC charts
Winners PSY'AVIAH 'Sweet Hard Revenge' Remix Contest Revealed
Join the Diskonnekted mailinglist
Krystal System launch a New EP + live with Agapesis & Steinkind
Essence Of Mind supports Apoptygma Berzerk live on November 6th
PSY'AVIAH Remix Contest Ended
Neikka RPM - TV and... Adult Entertainment

October 2009
New artwork for the Depeche Mode tribute releases on iTunes
Alfa Matrix launches exclusive iTunes album with 3rd album ACYLUM - 'The Enemy'
New (exclusive) releases up on iTunes
...and the 'Endzeit' DJ polling-contest winner is!!!
Helalyn Flowers interviews on Orkus and Sonic Seducer
Official statement from Alfa Matrix regarding murdercase of Carly Ryan
For its latest novel, Jeffrey Lord takes inspiration from one Krystal System track.
Krystal System N°4 in the Deutsch Alternative Charts
Hackers taint polling results, ALFA MATRIX forced to pull the plug on the Endzeit Bunkertracks fan-polling contest... and turns to the DJ pool!
Zombie Girl releases 'The Halloween EP' - out now on iTunes

September 2009
Schwarzblut announce more live dates
Neikka RPM – an internet starlet on the rise
PSY'AVIAH Remix Contest 'Sweet Hard Revenge'
Alfa Matrix launches pre-sales new Dunkelwerk, Helalyn Flowers and Acylum labeldebut !

August 2009
Tamtrum goes nude on Side-Line
Alfa Matrix opens submissions for Endzeit Bunkertracks [act 5] - 4CD box (deadline October 1st 2009)
Implant interview at Side-Line
Front 242 in Paris together with Tamtrum and Mesmer's Eyes
New Komor Kommando album announced + Grendel remix

July 2009
KOMOR KOMMANDO - Japanese edition in stock & shipped out!
Live video Leaether Stip at Amphi festival
Alfa Matrix in DAC Charts - week 29
Alfa Matrix joins Twitter and Facebook - feel free to join

June 2009
Alfa Matrix: Buy 2 CDs, get a 3rd CD for free !
More & more live dates for Schwarzblut
Microsoft lets you download a free Psy'Aviah MP3
Leaether Strip completes soundtrack for 'Dark Passages' movie
Komor Kommando goes Japanese with special digipak edition 'Das EP' release
AYRIA supports VNV NATION on North American tour - special low price package sales
New Seize song up on audioplayer

May 2009
New Alfa Matrix releases on iTunes
Front 242 members perform an Art & Strategy concert in Mons (Belgium)
Tour-only album Leaether Strip, 'Haervaerk', finally on iTunes
Implant working on new digtal download only EP + remix contest
Several items are in stock now !
Implant joined by Front 242 and Neon Judgement members on new album 'Implantology'

April 2009
Psy'Aviah to play Delta Festival
Tamtrum on tour to promote upcoming 'Fuck You I'm Drunk / Stronger Than Cats' album
Essence Of Mind back from successful tour with Zeromancer
Side-Line publishes brand new interview with Leaether Strip on live comeback
Psy'Aviah does guest vocals on new Implant album 'Implantology'

March 2009
Komor Kommando hits hard with 'Das EP'
Alfa Matrix releases massive Depeche Mode tribute compilation
Available now - vinyl versions FRONT 242 – "Moments 1"
Alfa Matrix signs no less than 5 new bands
Schwarzblut release debut EP 'Sehlenwolf' on Alfa Matrix
Tracklist "Sounds from the matrix 008" revealed

February 2009
Front 242 to release limited vinyl release of 'Moments' during sold out concert in Belgium
New LEAETHER STRIP album "Aengelmaker" in pre-order now !
Essence Of Mind launches 'Watch out' EP ready for Zeromancer tour
Join the Alfa Matrix streetteam on Facebook and get some exclusive insights...

January 2009
In stock now - 4th volume 'Endzeit Bunkertracks' 4CD boxset !
Alfa Matrix joins Facebook
Leaether Strip launches digital download only 'Diaegnosis' EP
iTunes fixes Ayria album 'Hearts for bullets'
YouTube bans Psy'Aviah's 'Moments feat. Suzi Q. Smith' videoclip for being too erotic
Alfa Matrix launches massive Sales !
Ticketsales first Leaether Strip show in Denmark in over a decade starts today !

December 2008
Fire destroys Unter Null studio and new album
First Leæther Strip concert since 1992 is now official
Dark electro project Acylum joins Alfa Matrix
DAC announces year results - Alfa Matrix on 2nd position !
Front 242 special on Belgian television
Endzeit Bunkertracks [act IV]" 4CD box in pre-order now !
Your chance to join Leaether Strip on stage !

November 2008
Psy'Aviah plays in a banner
Leaether Strip receives Golem Award in Denmark and announces first live show...
Free Leaether Strip track 'Cast away 09 (Twenty mix)' to celebrate 20th anniversary Leaether Strip

October 2008
Classic Leaether Strip album 'Science for the satanic citizen' re-released as 2CD boxset in 'Retention' series
New album PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE and reissue cult 2nd album LEAETHER STRIP as 2CD box !
Psy'Aviah creates music with... you !

September 2008
Alfa Matrix celebrates its 7 years with massive volume 'Re:connected [3.0]' 2CD + DVD
Krystal System launch debut album 'Underground' + free download !
New album Star Industry 'Black Angel White Devil' in pre-order + debut album 'Iron Dust Crush' reissued as bonus disc in limited edition
Submissions open for 4th volume 'Endzeit Bunkertracks' 4CD on Alfa Matrix

August 2008
Diskonnekted wins remix contest Belgian rock legend Arno
I:Scintilla on nationwide US tour with The Cruxshadows and Ayria

July 2008
DISKONNEKTED remixes Belgian rock legend ARNO
Front 242 pre-orders 'Moments...' have been shipped
Pre-orders Front 242 live album shipped from July 17th on !
Front 242 presents live 1CD and 2CD boxset

June 2008
Side-Line published extensive interview with Nebula-H
FRONT 242 releases free 2-track download

May 2008
I:Scintilla announces more US dates
More Leaether Strip interviews
Unter Null on tour in US
KRYSTAL SYSTEM joins Alfa Matrix
Diskonnekted in D.A.C.
Leather Strip still number 2 in DAC
Alfa-Matrix Bands featured on 'Machines Against Hunger'-compilation
Alfa Matrix off air due to server maintenance
Latest releases land in Amazon MP3 store
New songs added to our audio player from Stray and Agonised By Love
In stock now: Stray, Nebula-H, Agonised By Love, Essence Of Mind, Diffuzion, ...
Make your very own Neikka RPM video via !

April 2008
New Diskonnekted and Leaether Strip releases shipped out !
Use Helalyn Flowers as the soundtrack for your video using the Animoto website !
Digital only EP Leather Strip, 'When Blood Runs Dark', available now from Amazon and iTunes
New sensational live pictures from helalyn Flowers !

March 2008
More live dates Star Industry announced
I:scintilla live on JBTV - check out the video !
Alfa Matrix launches Playstation-line concept
DIFFUZION debuts with dark electro album on Alfa Matrix
Alfa Matrix launches debut album Crisk.

February 2008
Leaether Strip video available for Civil Disobedience
'Endzeit Bunkertracks [Act III]' reigns the DAC for 7 weeks now
Video trailer for Ayria's 'The Gun Song' EP
Endzeit Bunkertracks act III remains nr. 1 in DAC

January 2008
Tamtrum to tour Russia
Ayria joins with Front 242 and Sebastian R. Komor (Icon Of Coil / Zombie Girl) for new EP 'The Gun Song'
Alfa Matrix announces the signing of DIFFUZION
'Endzeit Bunkertracks 3' 4CD box at position 1 in DAC !
'Endzeit Bunkertraks (Act III)' 4CD box enters DAC charts on spot 3 !
Leaether Strip among 50 best releases this year according to DAC
Helalyn Flowers in December issue Rock Sound UK
More press attention for 32Crash
Trisomie gets raving reaction on 'Rendez-Vous En France'

December 2007
Season greetings from the Alfa Matrix staff !
Leaether Strip number 1 in DAC in 2 weeks time !
TRISOMIE 21 - rendez-vous en France cd / 25 years box: shipped OUT
Helalyn Flowers on the cover of metal magazine Flash Magazine Italy
New teaser for upcoming Diskonnekted material online

November 2007
I:scintilla, Star Industry and Helalyn Flowers featured on 6th edition of the famous 'Gothic Spirits' compilation series on ZYX Music
Alfa Matrix : Massive Winter Sales !
Depeche Mode cover of 'Enjoy the silence' by Star Industry reaches Amazon's Top 10 download charts
ESSENCE OF MIND joins Alfa Matrix
32CRASH debut best electronic album for 2007 says Gothtronic
IN STOCK: HELALYN FLOWERS - "A Voluntary Coincidence" CD/2CD carton boxset
Claus Larsen - Leaether Strip birthday sales action

October 2007
Free Halloween download from Shaun F. aka Glis
Tracklist 3rd and 4th CD announced for "Endzeit Bunkertracks - act III" 4CD box
32CRASH on tour - order your tickets now !
Alfa Matrix presents: "Endzeit Bunkertracks - act III" 4CD box
Inure and Zombie Girl live at Hex Hollywood on Halloween
Preorders of the 32CRASH album have shipped
Live album TRISOMIE 21 in pre-order

September 2007
SEIZE invades Russia and prepares new album
Fxxk The Mainstream vol. 1 - compilation of the year?
Alfa Matrix welcomes another legend to its roster: TRISOMIE 21
32CRASH pre-sales debut album have started !
Another free Leaether Strip track available

August 2007
New concertdates for Star Industry
Insert the Alfa Matrix audio player in your blog, website, ...
F**k the Mainstream 4CD box number 1 in DAC charts !
Diskonnekted remixed by Northborne, This Morn' Omina and Controlled Collapse
Alfa Matrix artists in the DAC charts again…
Artwork design contest for Endzeit Bunkertracks vol.3

July 2007
Ayria goes on tour with Combichrist
Tamtrum replaces Zombie Girl on Summer Darkness
Endzeit Bunkertracks vol. 3: Alfa Matrix starts with preparation - submit your material now
Massive Summer Sales at Alfa Matrix
New Collide song 'Utopia' previews on indie film 'Dreamland'
Ayria returns to U.S. for the second time in 2007 supporting Combichrist

June 2007
Belgian chart invasion this Summer!
Mentallo & The Fixer interviewed by Ritual
Claus Larsen's "The giant minutes to the dawn" album considered to be the true comeback
I:Scintilla has a great future !
Helalyn Flowers featured in Zillo
First reactions on Crisk. EP have arrived
32Crash in the spotlights
F**k the mainstream 4CD box sampler of the month in June issue Sonic Seducer

May 2007
In stock now !
More releases from Collide !
Helalyn Flowers launch debut EPCD on Alfa Matrix
Alfa Matrix bands playing at WGT 2007
Alfa Matrix bands at Gothic Festival 2007
Zombie Girl's debut reaches the press
Star Industry continues its goldrush
The worldwide press jumps on 'the true comeback album' for Leaether Strip
First reviews 32CRASH overwhelming
Alfa Matrix bands on free magazine samplers
More comments on the resurrection of Mentallo & The Fixer

April 2007
Crisk. cover Die Krupps for debut EPCD
Seabound singer joins Diskonnekted on new track
Leaether Strip releases free download of co-penned song with fan
Alfa Matrix has a new address !
Pre-sales I:SCINTILLA album 'Optics' have started !
4CD boxset for 'Fxxk The Mainstream vol. 1' compilation ready for ordering !
Inure to play Barcelona show
Pre-sales have started for 32CRASH and Crisk. EPCDs !
Ayria to play live with Front Line Assembly
More names get confirmed for FxxK THe Mainstream - vol.1
First names FxxK THe Mainstream - vol.1 revealed
Helalyn Flowers signs to Alfa Matrix
More positive feedback for debut Zombie Girl
D-Side considers Sero Overdose to be one of the best electropop bands
Gear Wire has a soft spot for Neikka RPM
Impressive response on new album of Leaether Strip
I:Scintilla tagged most promising new-comer by Echo Mortalis
Implant releases 12", goes on tour, remixes APB and more
Regenerator – hungry for more?
Comeback album Star Industry warmly welcomed by the press
Zombie Girl offers quality music says Gothtronic

March 2007
Elegy praises Technoir comeback
Echo Mortalis on Alfa Matrix
Star Industry gets maximum score by Metal Storm
New Leaether Strip album gets 8/10 from Release magazine
Leaether Strip video trailer online
Neikka RPM goes complex
Mind:State debut album gets good points !
Mentallo & The Fixer in the press and more
More Leather Strip reviews
Censorship strikes ZOMBIE GIRL album artwork
Mind:State continues to climb the charts !
Plastic Noise Experience still in the spotlights
Mind:State hits DAC for the second week !
Tracklist FREE compilation "Sounds from the matrix 05" revealed !

February 2007
Press raves about Sero Overdose
New album Star Industry available in pre-order !
New Leaether Strip album in pre-order
Technoir in the press
Upcoming releases Alfa Matrix
More dates for Ayria on neverending tour wih The Cruxshadows
Neikka RPM news round up
New interview with Technoir online
Star Industry signs to Alfa Matrix
Back in stock: sold out Implant and Unter Null releases
Zombie Girl pre-orders start... NOW !

January 2007
Technoir plays massive Berlin Depeche Mode convention
Diskonnekted joins Bodybeat
Write lyrics for the next LEAETHER STRIP song !
Available now in pre-order: debut album MIND:STATE
Ayria announces USA tourdates as support act for the Cruxshadows
2006 was a good year for Alfa Matrix

December 2006
Spetsnaz cancels BIM fest, Implant replaces
Fuck The Mainstream - a new compilation project from : send your submissions!
SERO.OVERDOSE returns in January 2007 with new album !
In pre-order: brand new MENTALLO & THE FIXER album !
New album TECHNOIR out early January - order now
Debut album INURE re-released
Out now: NEIKKA RPM - Rise of the 13th Serpent CD/2CD
PNE live in Belgium on December 22nd
Front242 – "Cipher Complex"
Re-release debut album INURE available now in our shop
FREE sampler "Sounds From The Matrix 004" with every order through the Alfa Matrix online shop

November 2006
Unter Null changes live line-up, moves country, prepares new album, drops blood and sells out of latest EP
Ayria on tour in Europe and the USA
Want to get your own voice on the new Zombie Girl album?
Free Leaether Strip mix for download
Alfa Matrix in the DAC charts this week...
DUNKELWERK fighting on other’s battlefields…
Hot extracts from the press...
FRONT 242 singer reveals new project with IMPLANT boys : 32CRASH
ALFA MATRIX festival in Belgium on December 1st 2006
Halloween album for Leaether Strip
LEAETHER STRIP celebrates birthday with free download for fans

October 2006
Hot extracts from the press...
Implant's "Audio blender" album of the month in Sonic Seducer
5 years of Alfa Matrix – let’s celebrate!
I :SCINTILLA received with open arms
Alfa Matrix in the DAC charts this week...
Collide work on new material
Alfa Matrix acts on recent Compilations

September 2006
Alfa Matrix announces band behind anonymous demo
Hot extracts from the press...
Sebastian Komor produces new AYRIA album
Alfa Matrix in the DAC charts this week...

August 2006
Urgent Alfa Matrix request !
New IMPLANT album (feat. FRONT 242 singer, Anne Clark, Unter Null, ...) in pre-order !
Twin EP's Unter Null in pre-order !
GLIS is dead… Long life to Shaun F.?!
Leaether Strip invites you to contribute fetish pictures !
Tamtrum joins Protain booking agency
2nd vol. "Endzeit Bunker tracks" 4CD at 3 in DAC
Unter Null plays Tinitus and more
I:scintilla EP "Havestar" gets excellent reviews

July 2006
Unter Null expecting twins
I:scintilla label debut available in pre-order
Unter Null signs up with Neuwerk (Nitzer Ebb, VNV Nation, ...) for live booking
Alfa Matrix celebrates 5 years with 2CD compilation
Anne Clark and Leaether Strip in duet on new Implant EPCD
Alfa matrix DAC invasion guaranteed
Alfa Matrix bands at Dark Omen fest II
Technoir releases ''Manifesto'' EPCD
Zombie Girl EP available + title album known

June 2006
DAC success for Dive vs Diskonnekted continues
Live videos from Ayria - available here

May 2006
Brand new EP for Leaether Strip - (in stock)
Inure in the spotlight…
Fast Expanding Zombie Nation…
Alfa Matrix distributes 2 new albums by Trisomie 21
Former Anorexia Nervosa singer joins Tamtrum on guestvox

April 2006
Out now - Inure CD
Monolith releases new album ''Talisman''
Numb, Dive, Leaether strip, Combichrist, Inure and Diskonnekted united on one EP
Mentallo & The Fixer signs to Alfa Matrix worldwide
Mario Schumacher (Edge of Dawn) Joins Bruderschaft
Plastic Noise Experience reaches DAC top 5 !
Official statement from Mnemonic and Alfa Matrix
Mentallo & The Fixer on tour !

March 2006
Special radio/club EP for Mentallo & The Fixer
Alfa Matrix releases on iTunes
Best of Plastic Noise Experience in stock now !
Endzeit Bunkertracks - ACT II : first contributions revealed
3 massive EPs from ALFA MATRIX in pre-order now !
Setlist 2 Front 242 gigs
1st day Front 242 in Brussels big success

February 2006
Seize supports Front 242 at double night in Brussels
I:scintilla adds new musical colour to Alfa Matrix
Technoir joins Alfa Matrix
Erica Dunham (Unter Null) victim of carcrash
Zombie Girl (project by S.R. Komor of Icon Of Coil) joins the family
Mentallo & the Fixer return in original line-up on Alfa Matrix
Psycho Dynamics label on hold, Monolith signs to Alfa Matrix
Sero.Overdose joined by new member
Brand new live dates announced for Front 242
More reviews/interviews for Headscan
New Dunkelwerk interview/review available
Brand new releases available in pre-order
FREE "Sound from the matrix 003" with every order of limited boxset Klutae

January 2006
Pressure-Control member dies
Vote Leaether Strip into the SAMA awards!
Spktro festival with Tamtrum and Sero.Overdose
Hungry Lucy's War-n launches Sonic Spotlight podcast
RPM/Electronic - Headscan 2nd position !!
New interviews and reviews available
Download your Dunkelwerk wallpapers !
Upcoming Interviews Leaether Strip
US arrests Leaether Strip fan with words 'suicide bomber' written in his journal

December 2005
Alfa Matrix on 1 in single + album charts DAC
4 new Alfa Matrix family members!
Leaether Strip on 1 in DAC Charts !
Take part to Endzeit Bunkertracks [act II]…
What’s new for 2006?
Special Xmas greeting from Leaether Strip
DAC charts invasion…
Leaether Strip hoodies - till 11PM CET today

November 2005
Super-limited bag edition of LEAETHER STRIP's new album sold out
Debut album Collide resurfaces
In pre-sales now: Leaether Strip - "After The Devastation" (new 2CD album & 3CD limited edition + special fan goodies)
2 nights with Front 242 in Brussels
Diskonnekted album gets raving reviews
Win VIP entry to see Hungry Lucy & Front 242 in Detroit
First pressing Unter Null album sold out + wallpapers + support for Front 242
Regenerator and Sero.Overdose in DAC
Special promo only cd to be released for Winter action
Interviews with Leaether Strip start popping up

October 2005
Headscan offers megamix for free download
More reviews....
Anne Clark starts acoustic tour in Belgium
Interview with Ayria at Terrorverlag
Secret gig Front 242 sold out
PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE invites his fans to be part of his new album!
Unter Null presents: "The Failure Epiphany" CD/2CD ltd edition DVD-boxset
Debut album Dunkelwerk in pre-order
State Of Synthpop 2005
Dark Trance vs. Neo Goth vol. 1
Hungry Lucy nominated for Cincinnati Entertainment Award
Diskonnekted and Regenerator hit DAC charts
Headscan interview
Excellent reviews 2nd album Ayria

September 2005
Headscan joins the matrix
Ayria headlines US anti-violence benefit show
Leaether Strip enters the matrix
New member of the Alfa Matrix family
Cyberlab vol. 5 available in presales
New releases in stock now
Dates announced for Front 242 America tour
First confirmed names for Cyberl@b 5.0
4 Alfa Matrix bands on Advanced Electronics vol 4
New releases in pre-sale now: AYRIA / SERO.OVERDOSE / DISKONNEKTED / GEISTFORM

August 2005
New album Insekt (inc. remixes by Funker Vogt, ...)
Plastic Noise Experience calls for boycott "Noised" bootleg
Diskonnekted at 5 in DAC with EP
Virtual Embrace release parties
Hungry Lucy on DVD, remixed and on stage
Alfa Matrix bands at WGT 2006 - choose now
Successful EU debut for Unter Null at Summer Darkness + show in Belgium on August 20th !
Grendel and Front 242 frontman join Glis onstage at Summer Darkness
System Syn's Clint Carney Joins Bruderschaft
Sick Among The Pure interviews Alfa Matrix A&R manager
European live debut for Ayria

July 2005
Cyberl@b compilation submissions now accepted
French and german version website complete
Regenerator back with album and EP
Bruderschaft returns !
Tracklist bonus discs new albums O.V.N.I. and Virtual Embrace
Summer Sales 2005 have started at Alfa Matrix
Suicide Commando vs Diskonnekted

June 2005
ADAM X joins Psycho Dynamics
GLIS' 3rd pressing for "Nemesis" is here!
Glis adds more dates to joined tour with Combichrist
German news section active
Implant and Anne Clark on tour with electronic set
3rd week DAC for Glis !
Front 242 interview in METRO + online coverage

May 2005
German and French version of Alfa Matrix website
What’s Next? (all release dates still to be confirmed)
Welcome to the brand new site of Alfa Matrix
O.V.N.I. - Good For You – DJEP
DISKONNEKTED – After Einstein - DJEP
AYRIA & UNTER NULL ep’s – in stock on 06th June 2005
AYRIA - "My Revenge On The World" EPCD - order now
UNTER NULL - "Sick Fuck" EPCD - order now

April 2005
Endzeit Bunkertracks 4CD compilation at #1 in DAC
FRONT 242 DVD to hit regular shops

March 2005
NEW SIGNING – revealed
PRE-SALES: new GLIS album (feat. FRONT 242-singer)
SYNTHPHONY REMIXed! Vol. 3 – in stock
SERO.OVERDOSE beat all records…
New items in stock

February 2005
FRONT 242 trailer + DVD track-list available now
IMPLANT remixes Alfa Matrix acts
New signing & forthcoming releases
More details on GLIS’ 4th album
New items in stock
Neue CD´s im Shop
Cult band Visage returns with Seize as band
First Front 242 live DVD is a fact
ABL reaches top 10 of most downloaded Gothic bands
Top 5 releases Alfa Matrix bands
Sero.Overdose climbs DAC charts week after week

January 2005
AYRIA plays Dracula's Ball fest
Full tracklist “Endzeit Bunkertracks” revealed + pre-order
IMPLANT featuring ANNE CLARK 2CDbox + EP
COLLIDE announces west coast US tour
Alfa Matrix bands hit the DAC 2004 polls

December 2004
More details on our forthcoming dark electro compilation
Alfa Matrix hits bestselling charts
VIRTUAL EMBRACE gets 10/10 by Medienkonverter
HUNGRY LUCY gets raving reviews
DJ-EPCD Sero.Overdose to hit the clubs
Watch an AYRIA live video !
DIVE hits French Alternative Charts (FAC)
SERO.OVERDOSE announces 3rd remix contest winner!
More interviews and features keep on pouring in!

November 2004
Alfa Matrix seeks for bands for next compilation
MONOLITH hits soundcheck section in Sonic Seducer
3CD boxset TRISOMIE 21 - available through Alfa Matrix
And another living legend enters the Matrix...

October 2004
IMPLANT album featuring ANNE CLARK, EP and gig
Sero.Overdose - Remix Contest, winners announced
More FREE downloads from Alfa Matrix artists
New albums Nebula-H, Hungry Lucy and Monolith

September 2004
Alfa Matrix artists on "Advanced Electronics Vol. 3"
To be expected
In pre-sales now
Brand new releases on Daft records

August 2004
SERO.OVERDOSE remix competition
IMPLANT vs. ANNE CLARK vs. LUC VAN ACKER vs.... future?
NEIKKA RPM and NY's skyscrapers
New signings on Alfa Matrix

July 2004
What's next on Alfa Matrix?
Collide plays live for the very 1st time
Artwork AIBOFORCEN wins first price
NEIKKA RPM on cover Musicwerks issue 3
Tracklisting "alfa matrix - re:connected [1.0]" 2CD

June 2004
NEIKKA RPM hits Stuff magazine
Free downloads from VIRTUAL EMBRACE
VIRTUAL EMBRACE - "Escape To Insane" CD - in pre-order now!
IMPLANT live with guests: Anne Clark, Luc Van Acker, ...

May 2004
V/A . alfa matrix - re:connected [1.0] 2CD
VIRTUAL EMBRACE to release limited EPCD
AÏBOFORCEN - "Psychosomatically unique" DJ EPCD
AIBOFORCEN - "Kafarnaüm" CD / 2CD boxset
PNE hits DAC from different sides !

April 2004
DIVE and DAFT Records join the matrix
INSEKT joins the matrix
MNEMONIC launches EP
IMPLANT's new club EPCD sold out!
New AIBOFORCEN album "Kafarnaüm": out in June 2004!
Installment 004 completes the Square Matrix series
MNEMONIC's new piece of architecture is up!

March 2004
New 2CD COLLIDE album in pre-order!
VIRTUAL EMBRACE joins the Matrix
EPSILON MINUS - Pre-Initialized ltd.MCD-BOX (sold out)
PNE epcd ltd to 1000 copies
PNE album CD + limited with DVD to 500 copies
IMPLANT DJ epcd available now

February 2004
Alfa Matrix change of distribution partner for GAS

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