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Cosmic Armchair launch special sand art video for new single 'I don't belong here'
02 Dec, 2014

Cosmic Armchair have launched a special video featuring renown sand artist Lawrence Koh for their newest single "I don't belong here" which is out now via iTunes and Bandcamp.

The single is also available via Spotify:

Massive The Cure contest on Alfa Matrix ! Participate and win lots of prizes !
15 Nov, 2014

Alfa Matrix accepts submissions for newest Endzeit Bunkertracks 4CD box compilation - act now!
13 Nov, 2014
Alfa Matrix accepts submissions for newest Endzeit Bunkertracks 4CD box compilation - act now!

At Alfa Matrix we will be launching the 7th edition of our famous best selling dark elektro/power noise 4CD box compilation series 'Endzeit Bunkertracks'. As usual it will be gathering all the biggest names on the dark elektro genre and open doors to many promising newcomers. So if interested to take part in this mega compilation then follow the guidelines below.

Deadline for submissions: 15th December 2014 (but as usual: first in first served!) Please note that preference goes to previously unreleased tracks / mixes when available. Release date is set for the first quarter of 2015.

To send your music submission:
  • On audio CD(R): send to ALFA MATRIX – (Endzeit submission) – Seba DOLIMONT – 32 avenue Albert Jonnart – 1200 Brussels – Belgium. (NO registered post!)
  • As MP3: send MP3’s or download links to your music files (make sure to name your files like this: BAND_NAME_song_title) to . Do mention your band name in the subject of your mail + the mention "Endzeit submission"
  • Via Dropbox: share a Dropbox folder with

4 new download singles from STAR INDUSTRY, XMH, COSMIC ARMCHAIR and NÖVÖ
04 Nov, 2014
We return with 4 new very varied singles/EP's from the bands STAR INDUSTRY (goth metal, dark rock), COSMIC ARMCHAIR (electropop, synth pop), XMH (endzeit, EBM) and NÖVÖ (electro, idm-electronic). These are download-only singles and can be ordered right now from our Bandcamp page (you'll get an immediate download too before receiving the complete release on November 14th).

Psy'Aviah interviewed on new album 'The Xenogamous Endeavour'
14 Oct, 2014
Psy'Aviah interviewed on new album 'The Xenogamous Endeavour'

Out on October 17th, that's this Friday, is the newest Psy'Aviah album "The Xenogamous Endeavour". Out on CD and 2CD via the Alfa Matrix webstore or as download via Bandcamp and iTunes, we contacted Yves Schelpe for some extra feedback.

I have the impression that you have the perfect nose to find the right collaboration partner best fitting each of your song! What's your secret?

Yves: The secret I guess is hard work and dedication to search the world (wide web) for suitable voices and then writing to them. Build up a connection and talk things through. It's a blessing to have worked with so many talented vocalists, both brand new ones and recurring ones. Most importantly without their talent mine would be non existant, so they're an integral part of the music. But to come back to your questions, it's searching the web from soundcloud to myspace to youtube and exploring local festivals for talented vocalists and musicians. So you could say at least 50% of the work in creating an album goes into that.

How difficult is it for you to keep a certain red line in an album while working with so many different people?

Yves: It used to be more difficult in the past, but nowadays I'm very used working in different genres and vocalists. The core songwriting always has some recognisable styles, no matter what style or vocalists I use for a certain track. Secondly, the themes and lyrics are also a kind of recongisable part I think. Last but not least, the "creative experimenation" is part of Psy'Aviah, so it does sound eclectic - because it's what keeps me interested, though, as I said before, my songwriting has always some little hooks here and there that makes people say - aah that's a Psy'Aviah song. Though I can never exactly pinpoint what that is :)... I do also have to say that to keep one album's sound in line, I usually work with a mixer to guide me. In the past that's been Geert de Wilde for example, this time I had the chance to work with both Jan of Noisuf-X and Mitia Wexler of - big thanks to them as well!

PSY'AVIAH has always been a very eclectic project. And the new album confirms it even more. What are the pro's' and con's' of defending such an open musical concept?

Yves: The most difficult part is that when you're making music ranging from ambient to triphop, from dance to harsh electro and breakbeats is that when one person digs a track they're sometimes a bit confused that the other tracks aren't like that. It's a choice I made, because I like music and the varieties that come with music. Without such variation I'd get bored. People can't really pigeonhole you, which is both a blessing as it's a burden. I try to make it a selling point, and I've made it clear since day one what we stand for "open-minded electronic music with heart & soul". People often ask me this question - as if it's something "rare", but I grew up listening to bands that had exactly the same variety in their albums - look at Faithless, Moby, Praga Khan, and to an extend even The Chemical Brothers. They all have a broad range of genres they cover, so for me it's a normal thing to do :).

30 Sep, 2014
4 new releases are now in the Alfa Matrix pipeline, and ready for you to pre-order in our webshop (incl. a FREE label compilation) and also on Bandcamp! Both AVARICE IN AUDIO and JUNKSISTA deliver us new albums while AENGELDUST and TOTEM OBSCURA each return with a brand new download single!

  • The 3CD version of the new JUNKSISTA album is ONLY available from our webshop and includes as 3rd CD the "Live a little" single (feat. V-superstar JANE BADLER) which was only available as download before.
  • Each order via our webstore includes a FREE compilation on top.
  • Don't forget our current sales action!

Out now and available from our stocks:

Also in pre-order:

Follow our artists on Spotify - in one click !
30 Sep, 2014
Did you know that you can stay updated on what our bands do by simply following them on Spotify? Instead of searching them all yourself, here's an easy way to follow all those that you want to. Just click on the ones you want to follow and you'll stay up to date on their new releases!

Read the complete story...

Cult electro act The Psychic Force remix Aesthetische for new 'Colder Lights' 4-track single - order now via Bandcamp
18 Sep, 2014

Following their club album "Hybridcore" released last April 2014, Aesthetische return with "Colder Lights" presenting 3 exclusive new songs ("Here Today", "Escape Valve", "Aydhium") plus an unreleased remix of "Byprodukt" by Germany's cult dark elektro veterans The Psychic Force. For the newbies, The Psychic Force consisted of Jörg Charnowski, Michelle Christiansen and Sven Klose and rose to fame with their KM-Musik released "Mutilation" album in 1992.

The 4-track single addresses both complex arrangements and the dancier side of the band mixing straight EBM with trancier elements. Clubfloor food guaranteed. You can get this download-only single right now on Bandcamp (where you get "Here Today" as an immediate download) and on iTunes.

Interview with Sebastian Komor
17 Sep, 2014
With the release of the "Vikings, thrones & dragonbones" album a few weeks ago under his own name, Sebastian Komor confirmed once more his unique talent as songwriter and music producer... We had a quick chat with this about this grandiose soundtrack, talking with him about games, movies, his Norwegian roots or yet his recent fatherhood...

So Seb... Are you a big gamer? This new album could easily fit many great adventure games soundtrack!?

Seb: I've never seen myself as a gamer really. That being said I have spent a fair amount of time playing Wipeout back in the day. Couldn't get enough of that game, and the soundtrack filled with great music like FSOL, FLuke, Underworld, Chemical Brothers and all those classic tunes. Resident Evil four on the PS2 got my attention for a while. My girlfriend got me into Skyrim which is a wicked game! However I have focused a lot on writing new music and production so the time just hasn't been available. The album is however inspired by adventures and movie soundtracks, which sort of came naturally after doing production tracks for FiXT. Licensing music to TV Shows and such, which often were cinematic in nature.

So... Are you more into movies then? Happy to hear a new Harry Potter is in the making? Or are you more into harder stuff?

Seb: Somehow Harry Potter failed to catch my attention. Don't know, just not my thing. I am more of an A L I E N kind of dude. I am pretty damn stoked for the new Hobbit though. Not to mention the remake of Hellraiser which from what I read has a zero CGI policy which is fucking rad! CGI needs to be put on the shelf for a while and focus on good writing and character development. Possibly why I haven't been watching a lot of new movies, besides The Hobbit and few others. CGI can be great if done well but too much. I don't like feeling like I am watching an anime when watching a movie. Call me old fashioned. I am a huge fan of soundtracks from movies like Alien 3, The Abyss, LOTR, things of that nature, where the word Epic in fact is correct.

With your Norwegian background - describe us a bit how your Viking side look/feel like?

Seb: Javist. After having moved to Vancouver I have noticed my Viking/Norwegian side has been woken up. Sometimes it feels like I am an alien around here. People seem to at times get the impression I am some kind of aggro person because I am not afraid to express my stand on matters or know what I am ok with or not ok with. I don't have time or interest beating around the bushes you know? Get to the point, move on. Be part of the solution or just be quiet. Kind of ironic at times, in a city so diverse and full of culture people can be so opinionated and closed of. Vancouver is however a great city to live in for a Norwegian due to the mountains and ocean. Sometimes my girlfriend drags me out into the forest or to the waterfront to unwind and soak in mother earth. Also I began with wood working. I have plans of building a Viking Ship, yepp, you read that right.

Read the complete story...

Win Exclusive Psy'Aviah T-Shirts, CD's, Mugs, etc...
10 Sep, 2014
TheMugIn celebration of the new Psy'Aviah album "The Xenogamous Endeavour", they're launching an exclusive contest. All you need to do is enter a quizz and solve the questions the best you can! October 20th the contests will end. Prizes include full back-catalogue (CD's), T-Shirts and an all exclusive one-off printed mug of "The Xenogamous Endeavour". You can enter the contest here.



— 1st Prize: Goodies such as an exclusive mug, T-Shirt, and the full Psy'Aviah back-catalogue, including albums Entertainment Industries, Eclectric, Introspection ~ Extrospection and The Xenogamous Endeavour.
— 2nd Prize: T-shirt + Full Psy'Aviah Back-Catalogue, including albums Entertainment Industries, Eclectric, Introspection ~ Extrospection and The Xenogamous Endeavour.
— 3rd, 4th and 5th Prize: A Psy'Aviah CD of your choice from the back-catalogue.

T-shirts, mugs and other merchandise can also be found on
CD's can be found on or via iTunes, bandcamp, spotify, etc...

Basic rules:

-- Fill out all of the mandatory questions (first three questions of the quiz).
-- The contest will run until October 20th 2014 20:00 GMT.
-- Winners will be picked from the pool that answered correctly on the first three questions of the quiz.
The extra questions asked will benefit your chances ;)!
-- Contest will run until October 20th 2014 20:00 GMT.
-- Participate, be creative ;) - and spread the word!

Contest is accessible via contest site or directly at

We wish you good luck - and be creative/funny when the questions allow it ;-)

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