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Schwarzblut set to release Bis aufs Blut EP
05 Feb, 2014

February 21st Schwarzblut will release 'Bis aufs Blut'. This 5-track EP gives a taste of what’s to come on Schwarzblut’s forthcoming album ‘Gebeyn aller Verdammten’, of which both the title track and the song ‘Zur Hölle’ are most promising omens. Full of upbeat electronics and Wagneresque orchestrations. Besides 2 remixes the EP also features a live session recording of ‘Das Mandat’. Catching the band in full live show line-up at their most intense and powerful.

BIS AUFS BLUT (EP) tracklist
1. Bis aufs Blut
2. Zur Hölle
3. Zur Hölle [XMH remix]
4. Zur Hölle [PSY'AVIAH remix]
5. Das Mandat [live session recording]

'Matrix Revelations 5' out now + free PNE jingle !
05 Feb, 2014
Free Plastic Noise Experience jingle accompanies newest 'Matrix Revelations 5' download

We have just released our newest label magazine, "Matrix Revelations 5". The PDF magazine can be downloaded for free from our Bandcamp page in combination with a free exclusive jingle made by Plastic Noise Experience.

In this new issue you'll be able to read plenty on our new (upcoming) releases plus lots of other exclusive news.

Interviews were made with Aengeldust, Aesthetische, Alien Vampires, Bruderschaft, Cynical Existence, Diffuzion, Essence Of Mind, Freakangel, Halo In Reverse, Helalyn Flowers, Implant, Junksista, Kant Kino, Komor Kommando, Krystal System, Lovelorn Dolls, Metroland, Mondträume, Növö, Plastic Noise Experience, Pouppée Fabrikk, Psy'Aviah, Schwarzblut, Siva Six, Star Industry, Studio-X vs. Simon Carter, Tamtrum, Technoir, Totem Obscura vs. Acylum, Virgins O.R Pigeons, XMH.

Get the Magazine right here.

Psy'Aviah Interviewed by Entertwine Magazine for "Our Common Future" release.
21 Jan, 2014
Yves Schelpe of Psy'Aviah has been interviewed by Entertwine Magazine, and gives us insight on what the band name stands for, what "open-minded electronic music with heart & soul" really means, and so much more.. Read all about it at!

Meanwhile the band has finalised everything for the upcoming "Our Common Future EP" featuring ex-Hooverphonic & Lunascape singer KYOKO BAERTSOEN on vocals, which will come out around februari 7th. As a warm up they've released the music video for the original track, watch it on youtube or vimeo & spread the word - after all, we're all on the same planet!

Bruderschaft reaches nr1 position in the DAC
14 Jan, 2014
Bruderschaft reaches nr1 position in the DAC

The charity project Bruderschaft has reached the number 1 position in the German DAC charts. "Return" is the first album from the project that 10 years ago raged the charts worldwide with the single "Forever" featuring VNV Nation's Ronan Harris on vocals and Covenant, APB and Icon Of Coil members on music duties.

For the album itself DJ Rexx Arkana managed to gather even more musicians, including his FGFC820 partner in crime Dräcos as a full-time band member and vocal contributions of singers from renown bands like Assemblage 23, Beborn Beton, Haujobb, Aesthetic Perfection, Colony 5, System Syn, Syrian and Ien Oblique. Amongst the musicians / songwriters, besides the original contributors of Joakim Montelius (Covenant) and Sebastian Komor (Icon Of Coil, Zombie Girl, Komor Kommando) you will also notice the contribution of Daniel Myer (Haujobb), Johann Sebastian (State Of The Union) and Maze (Blank).

You can get this release on iTunes, or directly from the Alfa Matrix label who is distributing it as a CD and 2CD.

Read the complete story...

Alfa Matrix launches 2nd volume massive FREE download compilation 'Matrix Downloaded' + offers 50% discount code on label catalogue on Bandcamp for a limited time only
12 Dec, 2013
2 years after the release of the first "Matrix Downloaded" compilation, we have joined hands again with Santa Claus to offer a brand new label compilation for free (or pay-what-you-want), downloadable in MP3/FLAC quality via the label's Bandcamp page. You can also get the first volume right here on Bandcamp, again for free (or pay-what-you-want).

The compilation holds no less than 47 songs (yes, 47!!!) that reflect the Alfa Matrix music repertoire in the full-force of its diversity. You'll find not only new label signees such as Növö, XMH, Mondträume and Studio-X vs. Simon Carter but also several other label bands showcasing new unreleased songs including Komor Kommando, Armageddon Dildos, Krystal System, Aiboforcen, Star Industry, Razorfade, etc..

Attention: And that's not all. We also offers a 50% reduction code for a very limited time only for their entire Bandcamp label catalogue. Enter alfamatrixmas2013 during checkout and you'll get a 50% reduction applied to your purchase on Bandcamp.

Below you can already find the track list for the download release.

  1. MONDTRÄUME . Life Is Short
  2. PSY'AVIAH . Paused
  3. DISKONNEKTED . Yesteryears (radio existence mix)
  4. STUDIO X vs. SIMON CARTER. Gone Together Again
  5. JUNKSISTA . Life Is Unfair (and love is a bitch)
  6. KOMOR KOMMANDO . Cervus Pulsu
  7. KANT KINO . Ich Liebe Katarina Witt (vaguely obscure mix)
  8. KRYSTAL SYSTEM . Paradise (soleil rouge)
  9. FREAKANGEL . The Book Of Violence
  10. ALIEN VAMPIRES . Thy Mortal Human Side
  11. AENGELDUST . Bloodsport (:WUMPSCUT: remix)
  12. AESTHETISCHE . Amplitude Zero
  13. METROLAND . The Passenger
  14. NÖVÖ . I Flee
  15. MENTALLO & THE FIXER . Gammera (Equinox)
  16. PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE . Control (7inch version)
  17. ARMAGEDDON DILDOS . The Constant Beat
  18. POUPPEE FABRIKK . Bring Back The Ways Of Old (12inch version)
  19. AYRIA . Plastic Makes Perfect (AD:KEY mix)
  20. VIRGINS O.R PIGEONS . Bleed To Lead (I Give Up)
  21. AIBOFORCEN . Hall Of Mirrors (blues mix)
  22. MARI CHROME . Toxisch (Das Spiel)
  23. IMPLANT . The City
  24. TECHNOIR . We Came For Love
  25. BRUDERSCHAFT . Falling
  26. I:SCINTILLA . Sequins & Pills
  27. STAR INDUSTRY . Kids
  28. GLIS . Seconds
  29. LOVELORN DOLLS . After Dark (single edit)
  30. ESSENCE OF MIND . Escape (single edit)
  31. 32CRASH . Hyperreal (überwirklich mx)
  32. RAZORFADE . Hand It Over
  33. HALO IN REVERSE . King O
  34. HELALYN FLOWERS . Alkaline Twins (nuclear alert)
  35. UNTER NULL .Broken Heart Cliché
  36. XMH . The Business
  38. TAMTRUM . abort the pope
  39. SIVA SIX . Superstition
  40. AMGOD . Assimilated
  41. DUNKELWERK . 321 Tot
  42. ACYLUM . Black Rose
  43. TOTEM OBSCURA vs. ACYLUM . Waldgeist
  44. DIFFUZION . Insomnia
  45. STRAY . Obsolete
  46. SCHWARZBLUT . Der Schwere Abend (PSY'AVIAH mix)
  47. NEIKKA RPM . Bloodline

You can stream the release right below.

And here's the previous volume.

4 new signings and 5 new download EP's on Alfa Matrix
03 Dec, 2013
Closing the year 2013 in beauty, we can present you no less than 4 new signings each offering you a 4-track download EP as pre-Christmas present (available for order on our Bandcamp page - soon also on iTunes and co).

The newcomers include cult veteran act Növö which joins Alfa Matrix for his 4th album. Expect pure vintage 80's EBM electronic music with a first glimpse on the "I flee" EP. Next is the Dutch hard elektro act XMH who also join the label for their 4th release and in the meantime bring you their "The business" EP. The 3rd newcomer is Studio-X vs. Simon Carter who release the 4-track "Gone together again" EP fusing techno trance, dark elektro and e-pop. Last but not least, there's the Spanish electropop act Mondträume who present their first sound on the "Life is short" EP.

The 5th download EP comes from Komor Kommando who after having remixed Rammstein, now offers his "Hail The Rhythm" EP – the title says it all....

Enjoy these new tunes from the Matrix and play them at maximum volume – your neighbours will definitely love it! And if you girls and boys have all been brave and dirty this year, Santa Matrix might hit again with another ear-challenging experience before we turn to 2014. Thanks all for your eternal support to our label artists throughout the years…

For now, enjoy some audiopreviews below.

Kant Kino present new video for 'Ich Liebe Katarina Witt' + launch new single
20 Nov, 2013

Norway's duo Kant Kino are back with a new video and single from their successful "Father Worked In Industry" album. "Ich Liebe Katarina Witt" is the newest single taken from their sophomore album and is about the German figure skater and model Katarina Witt who won two Olympic gold medals for East Germany (at the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics and in 1988 at the Calgary Olympics).

So far history, as Kant Kino now released a video clip for this song to promote their newest 5-track single "Ich Liebe Katarina Witt" holding 4 revamped mixes plus a club bonus with "Dance For Me K.O.M.A! (Komafest Edit)".

The pre-order of the "Ich Liebe Katarina Witt" EP via Bandcamp includes an immediate download of 2 tracks in the high-quality format of the buyer's choice (MP3, FLAC, and more). They will also get the complete EP the moment it's released. The single is also available for pre-order on iTunes.

Essence Of Mind remix Linkin Park - vote for them!
20 Nov, 2013
Essence Of Mind have remixed Linkin Park's "A Light That Never Comes". Expect a melodic EDM remix with diverse sounds and influences. Says Erlend: "We wanted to build the track around the great melody of the original, adding our own sounds and ideas to give it another touch." The remix was made by Erlend Eilertsen and Hasse Mattsson.

Brand new Junksista video for 'Life Is Unfair (And Love Is A Bitch)' out now
01 Nov, 2013

The German electronic act Junksista has joined up with the upcoming director Fabio Soares for their newest video. The "Life Is Unfair (And Love Is A Bitch)" video offers a modern take on various Brothers Grimm fairytales with the catchy electro dance track as red line. Shot in a forest near Ulm (Germany) the video acts also as a teaser for Junksista's new album "Bad case of fabulous" which will hit the streets on November 8th (you can pre-order it now at Alfa Matrix, on iTunes or via Bandcamp where you get 13 extra tracks).

Says Diana: "With the video we tried to show that love can be consumed like candy - it's a quick pleasure for some. When it's 'done' they simply move on to the next sweet thing. Others lose their heart over it."

French director Fabio Soares rose to fame recently with the "Woman With No Name" short film featuring Laura Satana, Arben Bajrakataraj ("Harry Potter") and french cult actor / singer Bernie Bonvoisin. Since Junksista did the soundtrack for that short film, Soares was no stranger to the band's sound.

4 new releases out by Friday November 1st !
31 Oct, 2013
On Friday we will be releasing 4 new albums - which means that everything is in stock from Halloween on !While CYNICAL EXISTENCE and FREAKANGEL hunt in the industrial / harsh dark electro arena, JUNKSISTA and TECHNOIR offer lovely dance pop / electropop that will surprise many! --> Notice that at the last minute JUNKSISTA added an extra FREE bonus disc to their 2CD box that will only be available via our webstore and Bandcamp.

Also, with Halloween knocking on our door, we'd like to remind you of 2 season releases from our label catalogue that have since they hit the shops turned into cult releases within the dark electro scene:Our combi-packs
In these times of economic turmoil, we like to reach out a helping hand by rewarding those who order a lot at Alfa Matrix. Hence why we started with combi-packets that offer you 3 limited 2CD/3CD packets for 59,99 Euro (instead of 72 Euro). Here are the special combi-packs we have for now:

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