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JUNKSISTA returns with summer single 'Naked Wet Hot'
10 Jul, 2013
The German duo Junksista is back with a naughty summer single, "Naked Wet Hot". The tongue in cheek lyrics will for sure be a nice refreshment for this rather hot summer. You can order the single now on Bandcamp (with more online download stores to follow in the next days) and get 2 tracks as immediate download.

VIRGINS O.R PIGEONS return with 'Bleed To Lead' 4-track single !
09 Jul, 2013
It's has taken them one hell of a time, but we can finally start with the first new material coming from the Greek sensation VIRGINS O.R PIGEONS! The 4-track single "Bleed To Lead" is available now via Bandcamp in pre-order (with 2 immediate downloads when you buy it) with many other download shops to follow in the next days.

Psy'Aviah reveals stunning animated music video for "Letting Go"
27 Jun, 2013
Here’s the brand new Psy’Aviah animated music video for the track “Letting Go”. Animated & directed by Emily Weeks. You can watch the clip on youtube via this link:, or watch it embedded below.

The story behind the video is tightly coupled with the song’s meaning, lyrics and atmosphere. We chose to use a limited color palette: three colors, being black, white and red – and no extra decoration or background. It’s plain, basic, all of this to put extra focus on the story and the emotions. image
As Director Emily Weeks puts it:“The main character, Valerie, is depicted in a story that takes place in the 1940s. Valerie’s hair is a reflection of her interior psychological state. She suffers a traumatic event, after which her hair becomes wild – with pieces flying out irratically.”
“Finally she becomes a nun because she just can’t cope with the unpleasant memories and thoughts. To become a nun, she must cut her hair. In becoming a nun she is completely trying to deny and become detached from her past, a desperate act the success of which is questionable.”

"Letting Go" is taken from the recently released EP “Future Past”. You can purchase the EP / or single track at bandcamp, itunes, rdio, spotify, etc.. –> –> or for the CD aficionados at the Alfa Matrix webshop (check the various packages)!

Essence Of Mind sees new single 'Escape' + complete back catalogue made available on Bandcamp
18 Jun, 2013

We have made available the complete Essence Of Mind back catalogue on Bandcamp earlier yesterday evening. Also included in the batch is the pre-order for the band's newest single "Escape" which comes with an immediate download of 1 track in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or other formats.

The immediate download you get is the very catchy club mix of the track "Escape". The mix was made by the band's singer Erlend Eilertsen who has already shown his dance remix talents for such bands as Nitzer Ebb (for the Belgian edition of their "Industrial Complex" album - which you can download right here), I:scintilla and so on.

The single features 4 tracks, including the single edit, club remix, and remixes by Henrik Bäckström (Necro Facility) and Junksista. This release is the follow-up to the band's recent "Indifference" album. Notice that next to the 4 tracks you will also get access to 4 promo pictures taken for the occasion.

Psy'Aviah takes you behind the song “Our Common Future ft. Kyoko Baertsoen”
13 Jun, 2013
image Psy'Aviah, having recently released their new EP "Future Past", has started a blog series "Behind The Song" in which they elaborate on the writing process, production, ideas behind the lyrics and so forth.. Expect technical things with sound clips, as well as more emotional and/or fun facts!

The most recent article they wrote was "Behind the song Our Common Future ft. Kyoko Baertsoen" (read the article here:

Other articles up until now covered a look behind the songs "Look Beyond" and "Circles".

Oh, PS, can you spot the fun fact in the"Behind the song Our Common Future ft. Kyoko Baertsoen"-article? ;)

The new PSY'AVIAH 14-track EP "Future Past" which is out now via Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and other download stores. If you prefer the physical product, the check the Alfa Matrix webstore where you can order the CD version.

Technoir single 'We came for love' launches today
06 Jun, 2013
Technoir single 'We came for love' launches today

The long awaited comeback release of electropop act Technoir is a fact. The band's newest single "We came for love" has today landed on all online download platforms, such as iTunes, Amazon US, Amazon DE, Amazon UK and also on streaming plattorms such as Deezer, Spotify and so on. Those who want to have the single as high quality download can also find it on Bandcamp.

The 5-track single holds the leading track in 3 versions (the single mix by DJ Rabauke, the album mix, the BhamBhamHara Mix by Axel Ermes and the the Tom Prayne Mix) next to a short version of "Now is then".

Last week the band also released a video for the track, you can view it below. Advised for the electropop fans out there!

5 new singles have hit Spotify
31 May, 2013
For those who have a Spotify account, rejoice because the service just added 5 new releases from Alfa Matrix. Here are the bands involved, play them as much as you want, we won't complain :)

3 new EP's out by Psy'Aviah, Halo In Reverse and Lovelorn Dolls
30 May, 2013
Out now via Bandcamp, iTunes etc are 3 new singles/EPs from Psy'Aviah, Halo In Reverse and Lovelorn Dolls. You can pre-listen all the tracks on our Bandcamp page and also download them in the format that you want:
Note that the Psy'aviah EP "Future Past" is also out on CD via the Alfa Matrix webstore (check the different packages).

The releases will pop up on iTunes and co in the next few days BUT be aware that the pricing and audio quality will be the best on our Bandcamp page. Of course :).

Psy'Aviah reveals first details new "Future Past" EP!
18 May, 2013

The new Psy'Aviah EP should go into presale in mid june, an exact date is not yet confirmed, but below are some details to wet your appetite…

First off, you can check a preview (early & unmastered) of the track “Circles” @

The new “Future Past” EP will build on PSY'AVIAH's previous album ”Introspection/Extrospection”, and take it one step further. Having tasted electro-pop, dubstep and electro-house… we decided again to make it our own. Resulting in a blend of ambient-dubstep on “Circles”, ballad like electro-pop on “Letting Go”, pure EBM vs Electro-House with acid elements on “Look Beyond”, and some dubstep-electro influences VS ambient textures on “Paused” and “Our CommonFuture”. The EP reminds us through the lyrical themes how we all keep struggling with past trauma: “… time and time again making the same mistakes… I guess it’s true when they say that people never change” (taken from the track “Circles”).

In true PSY’AVIAH tradition, this EP is again crowned by another prestigious collaboration: with miss Kyoko Baertsoen (former HOOVERPHONIC artist & co-founder of LUNASCAPE). Her unique voice & timbre perfectly fits the very emotional song “Our Common Future”.

And there's more, but that's for you to discover when the release will hit the streets, keep an eye on PSY'AVIAH & Alfa Matrix!

14 May, 2013

Here's a message from Freakangel:

"Hell-o, our third album "The Ones To Fall" will be released this Autumn and at the moment we are starting to book our first full EU tour that we would like to make during November 2013. We would like to do it as simple as possible. We will rent a minivan and will go for as far from Tallinn, EST as we can. We just want to share our music with You and to do it as a memorable roadtrip! We would greatly appreciate all help we could get... if You know any organisers that might be interested in our music let us know and we will contact them! ..or let them know and let them contact us! Lets make this roadtrip possible! From us to You! Thank You!

D. Darling and Freakangel

Find us online:"

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