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Endzeit Bunkertracks - ACT II > first contributions revealed <
Posted by: seba dolimont

Now that the second ACT of our 4CD box Endzeit Bunkertracks compilation series is nearing completion, the moment has come to start progressively revealing some first confirmed contributions:
- MENTALLO & THE FIXER made an exclusive new track for the compilation!!
- good old German legend TRIAL resurrects and exclusively offers us a brand new track for the occasion!
- ex-SPLATTER SQUALL member makes an exclusive appearance on our sampler with his new impressive project NEGRI BODIES
- Erica Dunham from UNTER NULL does not only serve us an exclusive remix of her club hit "sick fuck" by AESTHETIC PERFECTION, she also chose our compilation to reveal her new side-project STRAY to the world. Last but not least, she is also featured as guest vocalist on a club killer new track by her producer's band IMPLANT.
- amongst the new promising discoveries on the compilation, we can already confirm the appearance of TERROR PUNK SYNDICATE, REVOLUTION STATE and MODULATE.
More names & surprises to be revealed soon! You can expect this time 64 bands in total! with 60 previously unreleased tracks...
Expect also a very special artwork design by a very talented and unique painter from New York... More details about this on due time.

Posted by: Alan The Wild on Mar 03, 06 | 6:03 pm

60 previously unreleased tracks...
Sounds very good!

Posted by: Xenomorph on Mar 06, 06 | 1:16 pm


Posted by: modulate on Mar 07, 06 | 12:12 am

Sounds good. I know a few others but looking forward to hearing who else is on it. :)

Posted by: seba dolimont on Mar 07, 06 | 9:46 pm

And some more contributions got confirmed:
. Claus Larsen offers us for the occasion one exclusive mix from both his projects KLUTAE and LEAETHER STRIP!!
. Also on board from the Alfa Matrix family: GLIS with a brand new song taken from his forthcoming album, and our most recent signing ZOMBIE GIRL with a song-title speaking for itself: "creepy crawler". Expect Sebastian Komor (icon of coil, etc.)'s unique sense for groovy club tunes with that special "zombie" touch! Dead are walking amonst us definitely!! This is Endzeit after all ;))
. Mister Rudy :WUMPSCUT: also joins the party with a remix by CEREBRAL APOPLEXY.
. HEIMATAERDE also sign in with an own track, plus a splendid dark elektro remix they did for their label mates ORANGE SECTOR.
. from the Noitekk family, we can already confirm the contribution of DIE SEKTOR, the unavoidable TACTICAL SEKT and the much promising DAWN OF ASHES.
. Amongst the recent discoveries we can also reveal the selection of LUJHBOIA (a must for al lfans of HOCICO), MORPHINE SHOT from Italy and CARNIVORA from Germany.
Some more names very soon!

Posted by: Envy on Mar 07, 06 | 11:48 pm

I am glad to see that morphine shot are amoung the bands for the compilation cd. Having known them personally for some time they deserve this oppurtunity! i know how hard they work to produce their music!

Posted by: Marc on Mar 08, 06 | 5:21 am

Lujhboia - YEEES, good choice! Very intense and angry stuff from Argentina...

Posted by: ELECTROHEAD on Mar 09, 06 | 6:41 pm

Well, this sounds very very I was in a kind of "Matrix" for some time I am still trying to get "Endzeit Bunkertracks Part 1" via ebay...anyway, this new one will be pre-ordered ;-)

Looking very forward to it!

Kind regards,


np: Funker Vogt: "The End"

Posted by: seba dolimont on Mar 13, 06 | 10:43 pm

And some more names we can confirm for [ACT 2] of this compilation:
- from the Alfa Matrix family, we will have a special remix of the DISKONNEKTED song "Religion" with Johan Van Roy (SUICIDE COMMANDO) as lead singer, DUNKELWERK with an own remix of the club hit "Dresden" while our recent signing I:SCINTILLA received a floorkiller remix of their next EP song by COMBICHRIST himself. Definitely one of the best remixes i ever heard from Andy Laplega!!
- Our dear friend Johan from Noise Terror Productions will make you happy with 2 special remixes of SUICIDE COMMANDO and DIOXYDE, respectively remixed by UNTER NULL and SUPREME COURT.
- Frank from Dark Dimensions also collected some killer contributions for us by X-FUSION, SHNARPH! and NOISUF-X.
- Some more promising new discoveries we made include KOBOLD (who just signed to Artoffact), FIX8:S╦D8 (a very promising band from Germany who was produced by Daniel Myer! A must for fans of SKINNY PUPPY's best period!), NECROTEK, C/A/T or yet the Swiss SKALPELL with a strong contribution reminding me the goold KLINIK with Dirk Ivens!
- And last but not least we are proud to welcome DIE FORM on board, S.I.N.A. and the unavoidable THE RETROSIC who will actually be opening the first disc of the box!

Posted by: kroolik on Mar 14, 06 | 4:07 pm

sounds good so far

Posted by: Alan The Wild on Mar 15, 06 | 6:22 pm

The whole tracklist appeared in the release dates section!!!!

Posted by: Admin on Mar 15, 06 | 7:36 pm

where? where? :)

Posted by: seba dolimont on Mar 15, 06 | 8:14 pm

- We are honoured to confirm the first exclusive appearance of NEUE WELTUMFASSENDE RESISTANCE on our Endzeit Bunkertracks II compilation, new project of Gabi Delgado (DAF) with Marc Hurtado (ETANT DONNE), with the track "Drache und Baum".
- Mister BRUDERSCHAFT, aka DJ Rexx Arkana, gave us again another forceful exclusive track of his FGFC820 project.
- The modern high-tech power noise league also sent us some more of its best ambassadors with SOMAN, REAPER, MONOLITH, CAUSTIC and the Mexican ISIS SIGNUM.
- The Noitekk family confirmed a few more spots on the comp with the excellent LIFE CRIED and DISTORTED MEMORY, while ASLAN FACTION offered us a remix they made for the UK band INERTIA.
- Last but not least, from the Alfa Matrix gang, some more additions to be revealed: NEIKKA RPM, presenting a strong upbeat noir track with harsh guest vocals by IMPLANT, HEADSCAN, the crazzzzzy deviant boyzz of TAMTRUM or yet the much promising INURE with a corrupted mix of their current club hit "subversive".
- and there is still more to come!

Posted by: kroolik on Mar 15, 06 | 8:24 pm

boo.. no me there... too bad...

Posted by: Alan The Wild on Mar 16, 06 | 3:48 am

I didn't save tha tracklist...
And the cruel AM team removed it...

Posted by: silikonanswer on Mar 22, 06 | 5:13 pm

I hope you could maintain the bargain price. Although I wasn't convinced of the idea in the first place (I thought it wat to much "endzeit") I bought EB and I must say this compilation is really great. I hope the second volumen could maintain the quality and diversity of the first one.

Posted by: seba dolimont on Mar 24, 06 | 7:23 pm

We make sure that diversity is there - and the boiling scene has enough quality bands to present to make it an interesting, varied & good compilation. It demands lots of time & energy to compile it all, but it's always a true pleasure when I get the final product in hands...

Posted by: ELECTROHEAD on Mar 24, 06 | 7:31 pm

Well, I remember some bands at least when I saw the first (i reckon NOT final) tracklist of the four CDs ;-)

And I have to say that I got a very good impression of the 2nd part of "Endzeit Bunkertracks".

Kind regards,


Posted by: seba dolimont on Mar 24, 06 | 7:36 pm

I had promised it... Now some more info about the design of this Endzeit Bunkertracks 2 4CD box. The concept this time is based on the (deviant?) art of the NYC-based talented painter Coinneach. He worked on a good dozen of paintings for the Endzeit concept. Particularity with Coinneach is that he is mixing own blood to his ink so that each of his paitings becomes a part of himself! You can find out more about him on his website:

Last but not least, let us reveal some more confirmed participants to this compilation project:
- Those who all remember the excellent releases of ex-COP artist INDEX, will be pleased to learn that Eric Chamberlain is still active under the name of INDEX AI and made an exclusive mix for our sampler.
- PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE made a sensual and dark cover of "I Feel Love" by Donna Summer... If you all enjoyed his Smalltown Boy hit, well this one is your next club friend!
- On the discovery front we welcome WINTERSTAHL, ENDIF and SANG.RAEL.

The release of the compilation of the year is imminent... run for shelter. The virus is in the air!

Posted by: Marc on Mar 27, 06 | 4:58 am

CD1 [ EVIL ]
101. THE RETROSIC . the storm
102. X-FUSION . witness of your decease *
103. GLIS . dead set [7 am] *
104. SOMAN . ruler
105. MONOLITH . 50360329 *
106. T.H.INDUSTRY . die wut *
107. I:SCINTILLA . havestar (COMBICHRIST mix) *
108. NOISUF-X . jezebel (bt-mix) *
109. ENDIF. Sleepercell *
110. STRAY . intoxicate *
111. KOBOLD . rubicon *
112. NEIKKA RPM feat. IMPLANT . find a way *
113. DIE SEKTOR . mother hunger *
114. DISKONNEKTED feat. Johan Van Roy . religion (MILDREDA mix) *
115. DIOXYDE . words of judas (SUPREME COURT mix) *
116. WINTERSTAHL . self deception (hard version) *

201. NEGRI BODIES . i.t.d. *
202. SUICIDE COMMANDO . bleed for us all (UNTER NULL mix) *
203. HEIMATAERDE . gib mir **
204. INURE . subversive (corrupted re-edit) *
205. NECRO FACILITY . Downstairs
206. MENTALLO & THE FIXER . driving off a cliff with a cult (an old friend nearly killed me mix) *
207. INDEX AI . butterfly houses (edit 2) *
208. FIX8:S╦D8 . monolith *
209. ALIEN PRODUKT . acceso denegado (VIGILANTE mix) *
210. KLUTAE . we are sinners (made in denmark mix) *
211. DISTORTED MEMORY . god's wrath *
212. DUNKELWERK . dresden (reduced) *
213. MODULATE . das bunker *
214. SHNARPH! . ausgebrannt *
215. TACTICAL SEKT . beslan *
216. RETRACTOR . possessions (DAWN OF ASHES mix) *

301. NECROTEK . spectre *
302. SKALPELL . sanatorium *
303. C/A/T . smashed *
304. S.I.N.A. . bewegungsablauf (floor 4 version) *
305. ISIS SIGNUM feat. NEIKKA RPM . technique (club mix) *
306. ZOMBIE GIRL . creepy crawler *
307. DIE FORM . bite of god 2006 *
308. PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE . I feel love (7ö) *
309. HEADSCAN . terra incognita (sojourn) *
310. :WUMPSCUT: . jesus antichristus (CEREBRAL APOPLEXY mix) *
311. LIFE CRIED . as we decay *
312. E.S.R. . nothing stays *
313. FGFC820 . pray *
314. THIRTEENTH EXILE . diseasespreader (filthy bitch mix) *
315. LEAETHER STRIP . slam (the happy dance version) *
316. ORANGE SECTOR . tanzbefeh (urban remix by HEIMATAERDE) *

Posted by: Marc on Mar 27, 06 | 4:58 am

402. IMPLANT feat. UNTER NULL . you push me *
403. CAUSTIC . digital mangina *
404. REAPER .angst
405. CARNIVORA . motivation for the unseen things *
406. REVOLUTION STATE . deny *
407. TAMTRUM . la menthe vÚnneneuse *
408. IAMBIA . chaosmancer (6,66 mix by Noid of SIVA SIX) *
409. TERROR PUNK SYNDICATE . dysmorphia *
410. INERTIA . slow motion (ASLAN FACTION mix) *
411. SANG.RAEL . prophetic *
412. TRIAL . fŘr zwei (bunker mix) *
413. MORPHINE SHOT . my legions *
414. UNTER NULL . sick fuck (AESTHETIC PERFECTION mix) *
415. LUJHBOIA . looser's letter (ammonium remix) *
416. DAWN OF ASHES . the suffering *

(*) exclusive tracks or mixes

Well, I couldn't resist to fill in the track list. What do I see?

The Retrosic - The Storm.
Wasn't it possible to get a new piece from them, just because Hardbeat Promotion already announced a new to the end of May?

Unter Null -
why another "Sick Fuck"? This we had already on Act I

Reaper's "Angst"
A lot of comps have this track on board..

Endif - "Sleepercell"
A well deserved appearance, but does anybody know how old that track already is?

Posted by: seba dolimont on Mar 27, 06 | 5:28 am

Another "Sick Fuck" bya great remixer to close the Failure Epiphany, and cos we dis not want to release any new sng yet... But a new EP with only new material is in the pipeline. hold on hold on!!
For ENDIF... this band simply deserves to be hears by many - therefore!
The others - we only get what the labels & artists can offer us - sadly enough not everyone can make it with new material or special remixes... But i love these bands too much not to invite them any way - and they fit well the whole project - definitely - but all in all... 60 unreleased out of 64... not bad isn't it? ;))

Posted by: Marc on Mar 27, 06 | 8:03 am

yeah, I see Seba - no hard feelings about this. Call this my first thoughts after checking the track list, okay?
Keep on that cool stuff - looking forward to it...

Posted by: cyB3r44rd on Mar 27, 06 | 9:11 am

I must agree with my fellow suondophiliac Alan:

GREAT collection!

I just can't name the most awaited ones... Ehm... All? 8O

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