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Now this is enough with Front 242
Posted by: jasmingv

Before AM representatives try to be offended by what my humble listener and dedicated long year fan opinion is: i have been noticing disappointment with the current campaign everywhere. Even on Front242s myspace, which i could resist to comment.

Oh my god. And now ... they┤re on sale. Just another 242 live collectors item for an audience core which is long gone. I don┤t get it. Who could be so insensitive to decide this, after the band failed to entirely recover from the major late 90s image-damage???? I still have a 242 license plate on my car, and i was a proud owner of everything Front 242. But since there was so much shit going on in the late 90s and then this *really* unsatisfying comeback... well.. folks : no! I mean, the live show in brussels had some redemptive moments about it (except that it was forbidden to smoke) but hey: from a once heavily impacting top act, front 242 sadly have (maybe due to marketing and management choices) managed to be a 2nd row b-class like act. SAD! I fuckin believed in you. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!? DONT CRASH!

Posted by: c0mmand0242 on Jul 04, 08 | 8:26 pm

someone once said "kill your idols!". i did not quite agree with that. i know what it means and that it is better to do so. not in the john lennon way. but if your idols commit suicide, what the hell can you do? truly not a very good story, all of this.

Posted by: jasmingv on Jul 04, 08 | 8:39 pm

I feel sorry for you, too. And to top all this, i mean ok - everyone has his influences, but never have i heard that Front 242 influences have been made public. Here are some clues: Im Rhytmus Bleiben: (you like the body, move the body?????)
Operating Tracks: (newly invented ebm dance???)

and here is finally the truth - how manfred schuetz of SPV invented E B M. (not a front 242 invention).

Sorry for bashing. I am just really really disappointed.

Posted by: jasmingv on Jul 04, 08 | 8:40 pm

There is the link to the interview (German)

Posted by: nocommerce on Jul 08, 08 | 11:35 am

jasmingv, why do you keep on bashing on Front 242? Did they hurt you somehow?

You like to body rock the parties? Yes indeed same kind of text, but i expect if you look further in the past you find the same sentences as Africa Bambaataa used as they are also sampling things.
Btw the sample is used in First in First out not in Im Rhythmus bleiben.

Im Rhythmus bleiben contains samples from the movie Das Boot, just as the videoclip of Don't crash contain's videofragments out of the movie.

Front 242 has been making music over the past 27 years. I like their early works and their new work. I like it old skool and also the uptempostyle like Re:boot.I have their records (both on disc and LP), their videos and dvd's. I'm going to their shows when I can.

There were very good evenings, there were "less intensive" evenings but I'm still enjoying, I'm not complaining.

I logged in because I wanted to order the new cd. I know there are not complete new numbers on it. I'm aware of it, but I'm still buying it.

But then I saw these posts in the forum, it's only about bashing and thrashtalking because they don't make a new album?? I mean what are you going to do when they make a new album? Complaining that's not good enough, the "I liked their old CD's more"-kinda crap?

Move on with your life man and stop bashing on a group that still is playing after 27 years. So what if they remaster an old cd so new people can listen to their music without people thinking "they are so 80's".

Posted by: jasmingv on Jul 08, 08 | 10:27 pm

First of all, noncommerce, i am sorry i did remember the song wrong.

And then i┤d like to strongly underline, that i believe that it is a common misconception on the internet as oftenly seen in nietzsche┤s snakepit: forums and content comments. I am not willing to discuss my reasons for criticism nor am i willing to make this something personal.

Maybe you are new to the internet and thats why i have no fear to repeat to you some of my *FACTS*.

It is a fact, that i was sent a mail on the alfa matrix mailing list, which i freely have chosen to subscribe.

It is a fact, that this mail announced *NEW* material by front 242, for free.

It is a fact, that this mail was not a hallucination nor was my attention blinding me from a footer which could have explained what really was going on. There was no explanation.

It is a fact, that i and others are listening to front 242 as we are socalled hard core fans since principles came out in 1981.

It is a fact, that we have bought 1. all the regular cds, the digital remasters, the live code, and everything else that was offered.

So. After you got personal, i am asking you personally: where is the point in telling us that this is *new* when this is propably the fourth or fifth time, we are offered material we already know down to every single note?

And sure, i and everyone could say - bad marketing descision (besides, THAT is my criticism, it is not about front 242). But as you ask me: Why would a band decide this? Because they love their fans so much?

"She makes it clear that everything is hers"

Posted by: Admin on Jul 08, 08 | 10:32 pm

Jasmingv: In no way Alfa Matrix or the band announced this would be NEW tracks... Our press release talked about the free 2-track download "First moment" referring to "Moments...". There was never spoken about 'new' as you say we did...

Posted by: jasmingv on Jul 08, 08 | 10:32 pm

PS.: I forgot the vinyl. So, add some numbers to the re.offerings.

"She makes it clear the shadows of the trees"

Posted by: jasmingv on Jul 08, 08 | 10:38 pm

That would have been pretty funny, if you wrote, well, we┤re releasing something, but! Its not new!

Posted by: Admin on Jul 08, 08 | 10:40 pm

You said we wrote 'NEW', we didn't. So, you misread. But I do understand from your enthusiasm that you want new material from the band. If you prefer to skip the upcoming releases and wait fr 'new' material, do so. You are not obliged to buy.

Posted by: jasmingv on Jul 08, 08 | 10:47 pm

:-) so -- there will actually BE new material? :-) (that was easy, if yes :-).

Posted by: Admin on Jul 08, 08 | 10:49 pm

yeah but no but yeah no but...

Posted by: angelsvsanimals on Jul 09, 08 | 8:23 pm

Alfa-Matrix. The promotional tactics you're pulling reminds me of what any seedy lawyer would pull. That, and/or a carnie selling snake oil. You're splitting hairs between lying and deliberately misleading.

Here's the truth. You're right: In no way, shape or form did you say this was "new" content. And technically, anyone that thought this was "new" content should have re-read the press release.

But boy, what a sh!tty way to treat people, especially music fans.

The fact is, you KNEW what this content was, and for some reason, you chose not to share that information with people. Why? Well, some could speculate that this would only fuel the ongoing joke that Front242 are not masters of new music, just masters of re-mastering old music (as several bloggers noted before the tracks were even available for download).

Maybe you didn't see the obvious error...something which is taught in promotional marketing 101. I'll give you that.

But whatever the reason, your tactics for dodging the bullet on what information you chose not to give to fans is pretty disheartening, legalistic, and ultimately lessens the trust you are trying to establish with your clients' fan base. It's like having a friend sell you a car that looks brand new, but whose engine has 300,000 miles on it. Sure, he never SAID it was new, so too bad for you, right? Sure, he's right...still doesn't make him any less of an a-hole of a friend.

I would rather not feel like I have to read between the lines to understand everything you're not offering with the music you're representing. If you had said, "Hey 242 fans, here's some awesome new versions of some old classics...and there's a lot more to come in the following months." COOL! I'm down with that. I may not have downloaded them because I have enough of their old stuff re-mastered, but at least I know what it is and what it isn't.

Posted by: Admin on Jul 10, 08 | 9:50 am

Nice exposÚ angelsvsanimals, but you are missing one thing: it was a FREE teaser from the band. So your comparison with 'selling' a car is pretty criple.

You complain about something you got for free which you imagined to be something that was never suggested or implied by us. That is no promotional misleading tactic, in fact why blame someone else for a mistake you obviously have made yourself...? Maybe you don't want to see the obvious error you made...


Posted by: angelsvsanimals on Jul 10, 08 | 3:34 pm

True...bad analogy. You'll find I'm not one of those message board posters who will die on my sword. I do admit when I'm wrong :)

I'm not "blaming" anyone...but here's the basic point: The free tracks came under a new name and a new "album" cover. Now, it may be a leap of faith, but many take the aforementioned characteristics to be something new. All people are saying is a little more description of this would have gone a long way.

And you're never suggested and implied anything. That's sort of the point. You should have. Helping your customers understand what they're getting (even if it's free) is not only extremely helpful, it's also a solid way to promote your clients. When fans have to find out from other fans about the content, they usually hear it with all their impressions included. And the general impressions were not good. Why WOULDN'T Alfa-Matrix want to establish this teaser out in the best way possible? As a label, you have the opportunity to control how the impression a product makes so as to not only help your clients, but to avoid situations exactly like this.

Ok, I've just realized I've spent way too much time on this. I'm not even really ticked off to be honest. I just thought it was a disappointing way to market Front 242. Still love Alfa-Matrix and everything you guys represent.

Posted by: Chronazoni on Jan 25, 09 | 4:03 am

who the fuck cares!
front242 has plenty enough albums to where you probably don't own one. what a bunch of nitpicking annoying fools. pulse was great but why don't you go track down a live thing off of youtube or something if you're going to complain about things being free or whatever.
...and how can admin even talk about even the concept that a thing called an "error" existing is possible to exist as a formless shadow of a word, let alone thing or occurance appearing in physical reality, when you still haven't hired me as a percussionist. who the fuck wants vocals on an album anyway. you must be selling to retards. that is a good way to get busted.

I used to work for sony, in fact Advanced Telecommunications reearch (ATR) and after afx twin tried to start a technology war, I was totally set aside and forgotten about while now everything in earth is covered in invisible robots that raver klan owns. you can't tell me to shut up.
I will fight this until the bitter end, and rightfully take all of your money, and micheal jackson's for that matter. for the suffering inflicted.

claus should own EVERYONE's 80's and 90's techno, like Jackson owns the 50's. White gloves goes home to the parents.
thats about it

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