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LEAETHER STRIP - The Giant Minutes To The Dawn - SHIPPED OUT 4th April 2007
Posted by: seba dolimont

Claus Larsen's best and darkest effort ever is on its way to you... We shipped out all preorders (mega box editions with t-shirt included, 2CD+dvd ltd box and normal cd's) on April 4th 2007. The special packaging texture of the carton boxes perfectly fits Claus Larsen's painting art and works as the perfect imagery to the apocalyptic world depicted in LEAETHER STRIP's new songs and video's... Claus know how to surprise AND please his fans and they render him well. If you have not ordered your limited mega box edition yet, be fast cos we don't have that many copies left... trust your instinct!

Posted by: Alan The Wild on Apr 12, 07 | 2:01 am

I hope it will arrive very soon...

Posted by: psychopomper on Apr 12, 07 | 5:37 pm

Iīm really disappointed because my friend already got the CD from a store and I need to wait BECAUSE I have preordered and itīs high priced with shipping....NEVER EVER AGAIN...SORRY! :(((

Posted by: seba dolimont on Apr 12, 07 | 6:00 pm

Hi Psychopomper. It is absolutely impossible that your firend got the limited edition from a shop cos SONY do not even have it yet in stocks!! Our shipment to them left last Friday only!
The normal 1CD edition has been available before that is true, but the manufacturing of the ltd boxes - because of their special texture - took longer than expected. and all preorders shipped out as soon as we got them in stock here. be assured we always do our utmost best to ship fast and prior to release date. But sometimes manufacturing delays hit us... but they also delay the availability in shops - cos all distributors shipments are in transit now due to eastern holiday or just arrived there and still have to be dispatched to shops... If he got the limited box, then tell me where cos it is a bootleg! (write to me at

Posted by: psychopomper on Apr 12, 07 | 9:14 pm

Hey Seb!
Itīs just the 1 -CD Edition...but he already got it!
I will buy it now at a shop because donīt wanna wait anymore...
I really do understand that manufacturing sometimes take longer than expected...and really donīt wanna criticise this! But finally itīs annoyingly because we paid before and get it after the release date...
Iīve been LS fan since 1989 and own every single record of Claus. Hey Iīm crazy for his releases, thatīs why I wanna preorder his stuff...u know!!!
regs from germany,

Posted by: ELECTROHEAD on Apr 12, 07 | 9:15 pm

I am really looking forward to it although I ordered the 2CD/DVD package only :-)

But as I know sometimes the way from Belgium to Germany seems to be full of barriers....I remember again the last time that it took 13(!) days until the sending reached me.

And I reckon after recieving the new album and a lot of listening sessions I will compile a "new" personal AE "Best of" is about time...

Posted by: seba dolimont on Apr 12, 07 | 9:59 pm

The LEAETHER STRIP hardcore-fanbase is one of the strongest I have ever encountered on this scene! And I think you guys are definitely part of it! Your support means a lot to us.
Electrohead: when you have compiled your bedst of selection, share it with us I'm curious to see this! Cos with Claus' expenading discography it's not an easy task to compile a best-of without forgetting some essentials ;))
I now hope that the Belgian post will for once act fast. AArgh. This album is so strong, so dark...

Posted by: ELECTROHEAD on Apr 12, 07 | 10:16 pm

Seba, let me tell you that I fell in love with Claus` work in the early 90s with the "Solitary Confinement" - release.

Since then a lot of things changed but AE was always one of my VERY favorite bands/projects until now. :-)

And I will share my personal "best of" with you guys for sure! :-)

Concerning the Belgian and German Post: I still believe in the possibility of donkey trails being used :-))

Posted by: Alan The Wild on Apr 13, 07 | 3:35 am

I think it's time to start an official Leaether Strip Top 10 (or 20) poll on the Alfa Matrix site!!!

We have organized a release party in Hungary last friday (thx to AM and Claus for the support), and I have asked the hungarian fans about their favourite tracks before the party.

The final list (TOP 5):
1. Don't Tame Your Soul
2. Adrenalin Rush
3. Strap Me Down
4. Japanese Bodies
5. Zyclon B

Posted by: psychopomper on Apr 13, 07 | 6:01 am

now i own it....bought from a shop and it really kicks ass!!! No matter if I paid twice for it...It was worth the waiting...*crying* itīs so beautiful...donīt wanna miss him anymore...
I will be take part of these poll...but I passionately love every single itīs damn hard!!!

Posted by: Shawna on Apr 16, 07 | 5:18 am

I am in the U.S. and last time I preordered his album I got it a week or so before it even came out and was kind of hoping the same thing would happen this time, unfortunately that isn't the case. I too have been a huge fan since the early 90's and have all his albums and the anticipation is killing me. Hope it gets here soon!!!

Posted by: psychopomper on Apr 17, 07 | 2:22 pm

Hello again...
anyone received the stuff yet?
I havenīt... :(((

Posted by: ELECTROHEAD on Apr 17, 07 | 2:28 pm

Hi psychopomper, I recieved my package last Friday and had the opportunity to listen to the new album for three times now...I will share my opinion after the 6th time :-)

And after that I will be compiling my personal "best of", as mentioned. :-)

Just be patient, my friend, it will arrive for sure :-)

Posted by: psychopomper on Apr 17, 07 | 2:34 pm

I already listened to it too for now 10 times..., but i got just the single CD edition from a store...and paid for it though iīll get it hopefully soon...

Posted by: psychopomper on Apr 17, 07 | 2:36 pm

Tell me about the special fan-goodies..
Whatīs included? Poster, Card, Patch, Buckle?

Posted by: ELECTROHEAD on Apr 17, 07 | 2:38 pm

Oh, I ordered the 2CD/DVD edition only :-) (for me it is "just" the music that is important) so I cannot give you any details concerning goodies. Sorry :-)

Posted by: Shawna on Apr 19, 07 | 2:50 am

I ordered the "full package" too and still haven't arrived!! Hope it comes soon.

Posted by: psychopomper on Apr 19, 07 | 12:07 pm

havenīt received anything neither...?
someone else? Now itīs about to be ridiculous... :/

Posted by: psychopomper on Apr 23, 07 | 5:40 pm

hey...whatīs up!

Nothing received yet...whatīs wrong?
Saw the 2CD/DVD today in a shop...but my package isnīt here...? Iīm sad!

Posted by: Alan The Wild on Apr 23, 07 | 9:44 pm

My package has arrived! :)
Very nice box, excellent music!

I will watch the DVD tomorrow...

Posted by: psychopomper on Apr 23, 07 | 11:33 pm

whatīs inside? special giveaways? patch, button, posters or special booklet? i hate waiting...FUCK!

Posted by: Alan The Wild on Apr 24, 07 | 8:38 am

The box includes:
- 2CD/DVD version of album
- T-Shirt
- A5 size photocard
- sticker

The "normal" 2CD/DVD box also includes some goodies, but I'm not remember (I'm not at home recently).

Posted by: psychopomper on Apr 24, 07 | 12:59 pm

hä? thatīs all? It was announced with "some" special fan goodies...?
Oooohhh, very disappointing :((
havenīt received yet! Seba, whatīs wrong? Forgot to send me?

Posted by: imtp on Apr 24, 07 | 11:12 pm

Gakk this is frelling annoying not to recieve your allready paid for goods... Was looking forward to be one of the first to play the music on the dancefloor but... I will never preorder again!!

Posted by: Rachel on Apr 25, 07 | 10:03 pm

Has anyone in America received their limited edition boxset yet? I live in California and have not yet received it. Have the boxsets even shipped to America yet?!

Posted by: Krush You on Apr 26, 07 | 7:15 am

I am in Ohio and haven't received it yet either, I hate there is no way to track where it is, its nice not having to pay shipping but yeah this is the last time I am ordering here I could have ordered from Metro and gotten it faster then this

Posted by: Admin on Apr 26, 07 | 11:24 am


Seba will not be able to answer to posting for the next days due to the Alfa Matrix office changing location. Thanks for your understanding.

As far as pre-orders are concerned, we only had a delay in shipping off the goods this time due to production issues. They were however shipped prior to sending the goods off to distributors etc. And all were shipped in one go, so for everybody who pre-ordered: everything is 100% sure in the mail heading your way since April 4th.

I hope you also all will like the FREE extra bonus disc Sounds From The Matrix included in your packets.



Posted by: ELECTROHEAD on Apr 27, 07 | 2:17 pm

Just a short note: The new Leaether Strip album really kicks ass!

Cannot get "Will The Sun Return?", "Dirty Little Secret" "Go Ahead" and "The Trouble" out of my head anymore! :-))

Thank you, Claus!

Posted by: psychopomper on Apr 30, 07 | 2:23 pm

hell-o, itīs me again...
nothingīs arrived so far??? It was sent 3 weeks ago, right? Donīt know whatīs wrong..., anyone else?
Sad sad Psycho..

Posted by: Krush You on May 01, 07 | 2:08 am

Same here still have not received, like I stated in a previous post last time that will order directly from AM.

I could have gotten it from metro by now...

Posted by: Rachel on May 01, 07 | 3:22 am

So it's been almost a month and nothing yet.

Posted by: seba dolimont on May 01, 07 | 8:15 am

We feel so sorry that it is taking sooo much time for the packages to arrive overseas with the post. The average is usually between 4 & 5 weeks, I fear that the Easter holiday might have extended the delay aty some point. To my knowledge no overseas pack did arrive yet. But it can only be a question of days now... Otherwise the post replaced the planes by mules or what? In Europe I was reported that most countries started geting their packages in the last 2 weeks...
We are sorry if some of you feel deceived not having their order in hands yet. Like explained before, the main problem was a delay in manufacturing of the boxes (check their texture when you have it in your hands, well this took longer than expected) cos all preorders always ship out within 48 hours of receipt in stocks here, and usually round 3 good weeks prior to street date...
Now for those who think having ordered it from elsewhere would have made it faster. We have similar shipping delays for these too of course. And I can guarantee you that no mailorder overseas has the item in stock so far.
Be sure we are doing all we can to always ship out everything asap - but wedepend on manufacturers and the post. fingers crossed!

Posted by: Rachel on May 02, 07 | 1:28 am


I totally understand everything you're saying right now. In the past, I've ordered numerous things from alfa-matrix and they have always arrived early with no problems. I've always been very happy with the rapid turnover on your end. It's just extremely frustrating when something I pre-ordered, so I would get it before anyone else, is taking so long to arrive.

Posted by: Krush You on May 03, 07 | 1:12 am

its here its here! it finally arrived woo hoo! havent listened yet just got home but its here~!

Posted by: PowerNoise on May 03, 07 | 1:12 am

hmm, something is up, I still haven't received my LS set that I paid for, I'm having too much faith that it will arrive soon, but its not happening...

I will wait at least one more week, if it still hasn't arrived, then my item was never shipped???

Posted by: Rachel on May 03, 07 | 3:25 am

Ok, so now that people in the US are receiving their cds then I can only assume that mine should be here this week.

Posted by: imtp on May 09, 07 | 7:39 pm

Bah.. still nothing.

Posted by: psychopomper on May 19, 07 | 11:26 pm

hmmm...still the same!?!?!?

Posted by: Rachel on May 19, 07 | 11:36 pm

I finally got mine earlier this week. It's fantastic!

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