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Alfa Matrix officially launches new CD e-shop with killer prices worldwide
17 Mar, 2015
Since 2001, the Belgian record label Alfa Matrix (specialized in electro / industrial / gothic / EBM / new wave music) has offered a direct e-shop experience to ten thousands of happy customers.
Today we are proud to launch our all new internet shop at where you can buy CD's, Vinyls and T-shirts at KILLER DISCOUNT PRICES: up to 50% cheaper! With the new e-shop Alfa Matrix went for a clean design and easy-to-use navigation tools to provide a very customer friendly experience. Customers can also create an account to keep track of the items they have ordered.

Alfa Matrix also changed its shipping policy and now offers special shipping discounts when you buy several CDs together. Payment methods include Paypal and money/bank transfer. In addition you can now choose which free label sampler you want from the "Sounds From The Matrix" series during checkout.

Out now via Alfa Matrix are the latest releases from METROLAND, ESSENCE OF MIND, ACYLUM, STAR INDUSTRY, CYNICAL EXISTENCE plus the mega 4CD Boxset "Endzeit bunkertracks [act 7]".

Acylum drop 'Zigeunerjunge' EP
03 Feb, 2015
Out now as download via Bandcamp and soon on iTunes and other stores is a brand new Acylum EP, the 6-tracker "Zigeunerjunge". With this EP Pedro Engel offers us an insight in the band's forthcoming 5th studio album "Pest".

So what do you get on this EP? Expect powerful and dirty rhythms with ethnic elements and hars vocals. The theme of the lead song handles a touchy socio-political topic in Europe mixing it with provocative German vocal samples.

The song comes accompanied with remixed versions by Amduscia, Cold Therapy and Benjamin's Plague. Next to that the EP also offers the slower and more melancholic track "Follow Me" and an reinterpretation of "My Knife" by Inaki Kreator.

Suicidal Romance launches best of 'Rŕves & Souvenirs' including bonus tracks
30 Jan, 2015
"Rêves & Souvenirs" is a brand new compilation compiling the best work of the female fronted electropop act Suicidal Romance (order here on Bandcamp), another project of Freakangel's frontman Dmitry D.. Suicidal Romance was started back in 2006 including female vocalist Viktoria Seimar. The duo released 3 albums ("Love Beyond Reach", "Shattered Heart Reflections" and "Memories Behind Closed Curtains") plus also several EPs ("A Kiss To Resist", "Whisper Goodbye" and "Burning Love / Remember Me") on various labels in Russia, Germany and the USA.

While the band is currently preparing their return in the studio, as well as putting the finishing touches on a few more surprise releases through Alfa Matrix, the label has compiled 15 tracks including also the classic Blutengel remix of "Not Alone", the guest vocals of Felix Marc (Diorama, Frozen Plasma) on "Ecstatic", the exclusive bonus remix of "Touch" by ES23 as well as a cover version of "Remember Me" by the band Emphasis with fully re-recorded male vocals by Dmitry D. for the occasion of this unreleased version.

All songs featured on "Rêves & Souvenirs" were initially mixed by Jan L. from Noisuf-X / X-Fusion or by Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma, Reaper, etc.) and were now remastered by Pavel Korotajev at Stone Oil Studio, while the (stunning!) design was inked by Tomoki Haysaka of Sheerheart in Japan.

Available now on Bandcamp for immediate download!

Essence Of Mind launch 'Wrong' video
15 Dec, 2014

Out now is the brand new video from Norway's Essence Of Mind. The "Wrong" video was produced by Espen Geitsund and is also the title of the band's brand new single which is out now via Bandcamp. iTunes and all other download stores will follow in the next hours.

Schwarzblut launch remix contest - submit now!
10 Dec, 2014

Dark electro outfit Schwarzblut have released a remix contest for their upcoming JUDAS EP. The band challenges artists to take the title song of the EP to new sonic territories. Besides a spot on the EP the winner will also receive the band's 3 albums in ltd edition box sets plus a band shirt. Contestants can download a fully fledged remix pack with midi and audio at Make sure to submit your remix February 1st 2015.

Schwarzblut relased their 3rd album 'Gebeyn aller Verdammten' April 2014. Listen to this album on Bandcamp. Stay connected to Schwarzblut on Facebook or Twitter.

Cosmic Armchair launch special sand art video for new single 'I don't belong here'
02 Dec, 2014

Cosmic Armchair have launched a special video featuring renown sand artist Lawrence Koh for their newest single "I don't belong here" which is out now via iTunes and Bandcamp.

The single is also available via Spotify:

Massive The Cure contest on Alfa Matrix ! Participate and win lots of prizes !
15 Nov, 2014

Alfa Matrix accepts submissions for newest Endzeit Bunkertracks 4CD box compilation - act now!
13 Nov, 2014
Alfa Matrix accepts submissions for newest Endzeit Bunkertracks 4CD box compilation - act now!

At Alfa Matrix we will be launching the 7th edition of our famous best selling dark elektro/power noise 4CD box compilation series 'Endzeit Bunkertracks'. As usual it will be gathering all the biggest names on the dark elektro genre and open doors to many promising newcomers. So if interested to take part in this mega compilation then follow the guidelines below.

Deadline for submissions: 15th December 2014 (but as usual: first in first served!) Please note that preference goes to previously unreleased tracks / mixes when available. Release date is set for the first quarter of 2015.

To send your music submission:
  • On audio CD(R): send to ALFA MATRIX – (Endzeit submission) – Seba DOLIMONT – 32 avenue Albert Jonnart – 1200 Brussels – Belgium. (NO registered post!)
  • As MP3: send MP3’s or download links to your music files (make sure to name your files like this: BAND_NAME_song_title) to . Do mention your band name in the subject of your mail + the mention "Endzeit submission"
  • Via Dropbox: share a Dropbox folder with

4 new download singles from STAR INDUSTRY, XMH, COSMIC ARMCHAIR and NÍVÍ
04 Nov, 2014
We return with 4 new very varied singles/EP's from the bands STAR INDUSTRY (goth metal, dark rock), COSMIC ARMCHAIR (electropop, synth pop), XMH (endzeit, EBM) and NÍVÍ (electro, idm-electronic). These are download-only singles and can be ordered right now from our Bandcamp page (you'll get an immediate download too before receiving the complete release on November 14th).

Psy'Aviah interviewed on new album 'The Xenogamous Endeavour'
14 Oct, 2014
Psy'Aviah interviewed on new album 'The Xenogamous Endeavour'

Out on October 17th, that's this Friday, is the newest Psy'Aviah album "The Xenogamous Endeavour". Out on CD and 2CD via the Alfa Matrix webstore or as download via Bandcamp and iTunes, we contacted Yves Schelpe for some extra feedback.

I have the impression that you have the perfect nose to find the right collaboration partner best fitting each of your song! What's your secret?

Yves: The secret I guess is hard work and dedication to search the world (wide web) for suitable voices and then writing to them. Build up a connection and talk things through. It's a blessing to have worked with so many talented vocalists, both brand new ones and recurring ones. Most importantly without their talent mine would be non existant, so they're an integral part of the music. But to come back to your questions, it's searching the web from soundcloud to myspace to youtube and exploring local festivals for talented vocalists and musicians. So you could say at least 50% of the work in creating an album goes into that.

How difficult is it for you to keep a certain red line in an album while working with so many different people?

Yves: It used to be more difficult in the past, but nowadays I'm very used working in different genres and vocalists. The core songwriting always has some recognisable styles, no matter what style or vocalists I use for a certain track. Secondly, the themes and lyrics are also a kind of recongisable part I think. Last but not least, the "creative experimenation" is part of Psy'Aviah, so it does sound eclectic - because it's what keeps me interested, though, as I said before, my songwriting has always some little hooks here and there that makes people say - aah that's a Psy'Aviah song. Though I can never exactly pinpoint what that is :)... I do also have to say that to keep one album's sound in line, I usually work with a mixer to guide me. In the past that's been Geert de Wilde for example, this time I had the chance to work with both Jan of Noisuf-X and Mitia Wexler of - big thanks to them as well!

PSY'AVIAH has always been a very eclectic project. And the new album confirms it even more. What are the pro's' and con's' of defending such an open musical concept?

Yves: The most difficult part is that when you're making music ranging from ambient to triphop, from dance to harsh electro and breakbeats is that when one person digs a track they're sometimes a bit confused that the other tracks aren't like that. It's a choice I made, because I like music and the varieties that come with music. Without such variation I'd get bored. People can't really pigeonhole you, which is both a blessing as it's a burden. I try to make it a selling point, and I've made it clear since day one what we stand for "open-minded electronic music with heart & soul". People often ask me this question - as if it's something "rare", but I grew up listening to bands that had exactly the same variety in their albums - look at Faithless, Moby, Praga Khan, and to an extend even The Chemical Brothers. They all have a broad range of genres they cover, so for me it's a normal thing to do :).


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